Fields Interview (Utopia Music)


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Utopia Music is a label that I feel to some degree echoes the nature, of a kind of self-sufficient, eco-community – Ok, so I don’t think their a group of extreme hippies that insist on growing vegetables in the studio, but I do feel label owner Mako has setup a label with a real organic, family feel to it. The label outputs music from a relatively small circle of producers, and within this reasonably small circle there are frequent collaborations of which the results are phenomenal. Both artists and label have grown concurrently and are fast becoming prominent figures within drum and bass.

Fields (also part of Mute with brother Villem) is an artist of exceptional talent, he’s part of the Utopia family and has released on a number of the genres most respected labels including Dispatch, Ingredients and Symmetry. I think It’s fair to say a large proportion of his work is in the form of collabs and this is precisely why most recent Utopia release On Your Own / Colours is such a darn tasty treat. A Fields solo – a prospect I’m always excited by, and this release positively delivers. On Your Own is a personal favourite, the jittery rattles of restless percussion combined with gliding, abstract atmospherics make for a masterfully crafted, adrenaline-inducing track. Colours induces a repellant facial expression, mischievous, with a bouncing downright heavy bass line, this one evokes the energy of my 17 year old self, and it manages this in a somewhat elusive manner which is where I find it’s real charm!

Here’s what happened when we caught up with Fields…