E.S.R on Krisisdnb.com 5.6.09


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Dec 29, 2007
Hurstpierpoint- Near Brighton
Here is the download for todays radio show..



First mix ive posted up with the cdj in use so hope you like that ;)

Big shoutout to forum members JAYEM (JMDJ), DJ SC and Gangsta Fun!!


JAYEM- Resista
Bluefoot- Jawbreaker
DJ SC- The Cleaner
Butcher and Hoax- Silent Strike
Taxman- Sleeze
Cabbie- The Sword
JAYEM- ???
Erb n Dub- Gangsta Salute
Gangsta Fun and Hobbes- She Bitch
Erb n Dub- 8 Bit
DJ SC- Warcraft
James Bass- Villains
JAYEM- Wolfenstein
Complex- Decisions
Gangsta Fun- Desperados
Majistrate- Yeti Muncher (G Dub Rmx)
Gangsta Fun- The Mutiny
Tantrum Desire- Pace Stepper
Dilinja- Watching You
Beat and Wisk- Children Of God
Wobble T- G Force
TC- Drink (Xample Remix)
Kulprit- Can You Feel It
The Force- Welcome To Earth
Hazard- Machete
Hazard- Cowards Beware


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hahaha!! yesyes!! see u got watching u in there!! bigs ups! on the download later!x
nice one on the download.
cheers for stickin my tunes in!:D
cheers mate... i appreciate that...my computer is stupid...it works ;)
can´t wait for it...love all of ur sets
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