Drum Textures (clang clang, bang bang)

the kid Wicked

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Track Listing
01 Peter Kurten & Air J “The Darkness”
02 Tech Itch “Cold Blood”
03 Limewax “Kristallweizen”
04 Peter Kurten “Fear”
05 Current Value “Cybernetics” (VIP)
06 Tech Itch “Claw”
07 Limewax “Zombie vs Zombie”
08 Tech Itch “Your Last Hours”
09 Limewax “Shipopening
10 Evol Intent “Middle of the Night”
11 Limewax & Current Value “Tempest”
12 DJ Hidden “Past the Flesh”
13 Limewax “Casino”
14 Peter Kurten “Insane”
15 DJ Hidden “We Are Haunted”
16 Mumblz & Switch Technique “Killer Headache”
17 Limewax “He Will Find Us” (SPL Remix)
18 Medico “Substance Dependant”
19 SPL “Reckoning”
20 Medico “Bi-Polar disorder”
21 Centaspike “Fearing Fear”

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CH3SH - Naphalm Audio
Cuppa tea =]
Two sugars please,
Thankyou =D
Youd like me tune i just done,
Goes great into 1/2lb by Limewax =P