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  • Hello spinelli. Thanks for getting to join man. I've just been chatting to serum about octamed an the like. He even used it back in the day. Hope to see you in a post sometime soon. Big up much love and ting.

    I'll try and get over for a cuppa sometime soon skin.
    Yo CH3SH,

    Its Jim man, came across you on your posts so added you as a friend man.


    mate i haven't actually got round to it yet haha! I had a job interview today, and I'm meant to be going on holiday with my family in about 3 weeks but the passport office (combined with my stupidity) means that I have to get an emergency passport and that's taking real long. Cannot wait to get recording tho man, i'm sure it'll work fine, but I'll definitely let you know.


    P.S - ur inbox is full might wanna empty it :)
    Hello Visitor =]
    Im Chesh,
    Brainchild of Naphalm Audio,
    And helper to many likeminded =D
    With a brain tempo of over 250
    Tech-DnB has been my life,
    And one true genre i have watched progress throughout the years!
    A world manipulated by Tech ]=]
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