Dropped Beats - Overflow

wow, I was thinking there was no way that snare was loud enough - then you switched it up and it's slightly too loud. You're obviously going for a long snare sound but you'll want to take a look at it's length and levels since it's an important part of your track.

I'd literally try bringing everything but the drums up in volume and see if you get a fuller sound.

All in all I love this track though, the bass line is nice and grimey, good pitch bending, the addition of extra layers is nice. The chords are sweet. The filter work is all very nice.

The initial build sounds kinda like you just pasted the drop more and more frequently - hey, it ain't '97, you're going to have to put more finesse into it.

One more thing. I love the insistence on 8th notes, but it wouldn't hurt to add a few 16ths to the toms or even the kick!