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  • operation "blackout" is initiated. you will act accordingly and warn those who will not follow suit. or they will be visited. by men in black suits. youre now with the MIBs. agreed?
    I thought it might be, and that's tragic and funny much at the same time, just like most of the best and truly funny things in the world. It really is most amusing, I find it so funny instead of laughter, its got me doing little frenzied shrieks and wails, do you know which one i mean? it sounds like I'm crying. only I'm not. where is he from? I don't have bacefook so I don't think it'll let me in
    listening through soundcloud now. its mainly, i guess, kind of breakcore, with ozone set to maximum everything. but heres the part that made me lose balance for a moment, he has a song which i suppose is an interlude of some kind, and it... it samples jimi hendrix "all along the watchtower", and makes a modern dark electronica jam out of it, combining old and new, resulting in something so indescribably much worse than either.

    you dont sample "all along the watchtower". you just dont, so i too am inclined to call troll, only there is something about him that seems so bonkers it has to be true. i mean come on, to go this far just to troll, to set up a website, do songs, and even offer a mastering service? just to troll?
    i cannot believe the demios mastering thread. its quite simply the most magnificent thread ever to grace the internet. i have never seen anything like it. so meme? or would we have been trolled if we memed him, becaus hes a troll and its what he wants? sorry, i think ive gone cross eyed, check smartys profile for thoughts on concept for meme
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