Do u like scratches in dnb sets??


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i dont really like "live" scratching in a dnb set, but it can be pretty cool when recorded into the tune. A good example of some dnb / hip-hop hybrid stuff is the On Point crew ( - they've definately got their own sound going on there (not like most US producers who just try to sound like the english scene). Check their tune "When the drum beats go" - some good dnb turntablizm there :slayer:
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i heard a marky & dj craze set b2b a while ago. they musta been using finalscratch or kaoss, summit similar.?.
a good example of dnb scratching dun proppa!!!

bassis is quite impressive too!

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Hype's been using same scratches for yrs well at least the last 10 yrs ive been hearing him and his sets over last couple a months ive heard have been tight. Craze is heavy but he aint quite as much of a junglist as the nex man so wheres he stand ??? marky's the new blood hes the man who can mix it up.
Who remebers the mc's that used to try to scratch with there voice now thats poor. . .


Needs to be done well. And not to much otherwise it gets FUCKING boring. I'd like 2 c sum 1 like rob swift producing a jungle joint wit sum scratchin' on it though.

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Everything in moderation :) it adds to the variety
anyway if a dj can scratch, then they shud do it as it can sound good if itz done well...but there is the problem.....not many djz can scratch really well.


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personally I :love: table skillz, as long as its in moderation. Too much and its sounds shit.

S'all bout learning a scratch then moving to the next and gluing them together to fit the rythem, there's too many people out there tryin to copy scratchin and gettin it wrong. Juggling, flanging an strobing is where its at though.

As for craze his scratchin is heavy but tune selection and mixin skillz let him down as a dnb dj. Would like to hear rob swift cut up some dnb though.


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Originally posted by klusta
personally I :love: table skillz, as long as its in moderation. Too much and its sounds shit.
Yeah I agree. I chuck in some scratchin to pretty much all my sets but even I get bored doing it for more than a minute here or there. it doesn't sound the best but at least if you can do it shows that u got skills. What's a dj if they can't scratch?

As for craze his scratchin is heavy but tune selection and mixin skillz let him down as a dnb dj.
um, hello..that's coz he's not. he's a turntablist, but apart from hip and battle breaks his preffered choice of music to mix/sratch is dnb. doesn't make him a dnb dj. sure he's played dnb gigs to people but that aint how he got his name now is it.


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i love seeing all the dmc shit at the awards, but its a skill in its own right.

mixing dance music is a different skill i think they can be combined but sometimes its done just to show off and not to enchance the tune.

hype is shit(in this respect), i agree.

these fukin big star DJ's need a rocket up their arse man. i mean look at a hype set, look how relaxed he is, he doesnt push himself and his scratchin is poor and straight forward.

i think we need more innovation in mixing so i welcome a few tricks n things just to keep the crowd wondering what just happened.

good:marky, plus one, craze, q bert, andy c, zinc,

bad; kenny ken, brockie, hype, me.

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well hype may not be the best scratcher these days but a lot of it is down to the speed of the music now his style was better suited to the slower stuff b4 it got ridiculously fast.

Personally i like to hear scratching, and i can't see how anyone can diss someone who does it reasonably if they can't do it themselves.
It's fucking wicked when done properly. Everyone can mix two tunes together, adding some skills and a bit of creativity brings the whole thing up a gear. I'm suprised that there arn't more people than Hype and Marky having a crack at it.


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I like Klusta's style - good tunes, sensible-skillful scratching, and nuff tricks to blow up the spot. Big up!

Just because one can scratch, doesn't mean that one should take over a tune with it. I have heard many 3-4 table mixes where the scratching ruins the set same as a bad MC does. It's all about taste and style.