Dj NickName @ Fabric


In it for the game.
Mar 23, 2007
Dj NickName @ Fabric - Pics & Videos

Hey. Just to let you know I came 2nd in the competition out of 237 people, which I'm well happy about!!! I'm not too bothered about not winning the residency, as I'm in it for the game, not the fame!!!

I got to play in Fabric, a world renowned club, and smashed it out on 3 decks, getting the crowd going like no other dj that night! I had the winners best mate, as well as a load of the other dj's and people, come up to me after the winner was announced, saying it was "out of order" and that I should have definitely won!!, but congratulations to the winner all the same.

Here are a couple of pics and videos of my set. Hope you enjoy





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That dude in the bottom pic on the bottom right saying 'Yo' looks scary.

Well done though mate, nice one.
Thats sick, howd the opportunity come about? Also, that setup:gang_bang

I sent a dj bio to the Union last year at some point. I got shortlisted and then asked for a track list of a recent set I did. Next thing I know it was Wednesday and I was playing at Fabric.
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