Dj-Dusty New tune (Pick Up?)

Just on the headphones I'm afraid, but that was pretty nice. I seem to remember that sample from somewhere....can't place it. Nice build up, nice drop. The sub was good in the 'phones and the idea for the bass was good but there seemed to be a large gap in the spectrum between them. The bass was a little too 'high mids'
You could maybe add a layer or two to the bass, like a tad more squelch or woomph. A bit more power.
Pretty catchy tho. I like.
Liked the way in which the beat evolves at the beginning, from a mute to a full power approach, and the slight silence just before reaching the "full" status...

Just an idea... what about the ring fading down instead of simply disappearing? It seems to disappear a bit abruptley...

Loved the bass, missed some extra punch in the sub-bass area, Imho...

Overall: seems like a very good WIP, and I am sure you can tweak it here and there to make it even cooler! Good job!

Like the way the beat comes in at the start and i love the 'phonebooth' sample, really works with the song. (i love 24 as well so anything with Bauer in it is massive)
the drop is sick too but u maybe need another sound to compliment the wobble uv got going. its like ur wobble is asking a question then bring another sound in to reply to it... if u get my drift. lol. sick tune tho
cheers for the feedback guys, yeh its only a rough idea, just threw it together in about an hour so i will be tweaking the sounds and stuff tonight.

@mong - the reason for the ringing stopping so fast is because i am yet to get a sample of a phone being picked up lol, wanted it to drone throughout the intro then (in a way its kinda annoying) then eventually someone picks it up and the vocal comes in, thought it was quite a good idea myself lol.

I defo need to layer that bass with somthing, or just EQ it a bit better.

Cheers for feedback guys, will post up the finished version :)
ROFL, sounds like a fantastic idea! :D :D

My kids use to have one of those one pound fake mobile phones, created in China, and they were absolutely hilarious (there was one "Heeeelllloooou whooooo's caaaalllllling?" from a chinese operator that made us laugh every time... I would definitely try your local one pound shop, and if you have any way of sampling it, you'd have a winner! :D :D

Best of lucks with your track: I have seen too many tracks lately that try to be "l33t koool", so it is really nice to see someone ready to add some sense of humour to production! :D :D

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