DnB Kyam - Mi-Re-Do (Free Download)


Apr 8, 2016
Kyam - Mi-Re-Do (Free Download)

Free tune, to celebrate the fact that I've finished my next couple of releases for my Unbidden Audio imprint (and this year marks the 5th anniversary of the label) - more news coming soon :)

Mi-Re-Do is a track I wrote back in 2018, and I've been sitting on it as a dub since.

As I've since changed laptops (old laptop failed) and have upgraded Cubase (resulting in the loss of some settings - updated plug-ins not being fully compatible with older versions / certain older 32bit plug-ins not running at all, even via j-bridging), the original project file is no longer available in it's complete form.

Luckily, I'd finished the tune, but unfortunately, I only had a home-limited version bounced down, although it was 24bit.

In light of the home-limiting, I didn't think it was worth getting it pro-mastered, but I still very much stand by this track, and wanted it to see the light of day. I therefore did another few sessions on the tune recently using some dynamic EQ cutting etc, to make a few fresh-ear mix tweak revisions, and I thought it'd be good to give it out as a free download.

Hope some of you enjoy!
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