Deep house mix


Suffragette City..
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Looks big, but could I just request a text tracklist in the thread?
You are soooo lazy HAB. This any better?

Got A Feeling
By Josh Butler

Lo To Hi
By Eats Everything

Nobody else
By Dusky

Missing you
By Cera Alba

In She Came
By Mark Wells

Bass Play
By Darius Syrossian & Josh Butler

Dusty Chords
By Dexter Kane

Manic (Maceo Plex Remix)
By Azari & III

Beg (Hot Since 82 Future Mix)
By Yousef

Boogie Mafioso
By DJ Glen

This House
By Audiojack

Comb Over
By James Talk, Shadow Child

Booty call
By Harry Wolfman

By Bicep

Look Right Through (MK Dub III)
By Storm Queen


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Gave this a proper listen, had some lovely feedback but Chrome crashed. Anyway...

To summarize, I loved the vibe on this mix. The opening tune was a home run, really set the mood for what to expect and was a standout. The transitions were smooth as silk for the first bit too, which certainly helped.

Gotta echo what Papa said and say that In She Came was a standout tune. Really amazing vibe that got me moving and grooving, and the switch into Bass Play was flawless. This would get a club moving, no doubt!

Dusty Chords was vibes, bro. Really great tune selection there. Switch from Manic -> Beg was sudden and it worked brilliantly! Big big vibes! Beg has gotta be the tune of the mix for me. Loved the semi-retro vibes while still staying true to the deep house feel. Really right up my street.

Vibe becomes a little more energetic with Boogie Mafioso -> This House which at first I wasn't really digging but after a second listen I like how it picked up the pace. It was subtle and got me in a bit more uplifting mood than with the previous tunes. Aaaaaand then the drop into Comb Over. MASSIVE! Love this tune. Never heard Booty Call before but god damn. What a club tune if I've ever heard one! And finally, Look Right Through was a lovely exit.

Great mixing, great selection, this mix was on point and exactly what I was looking for! Turned me on to many great new tunes. Lovely, keep it up! More along this vein will be insta-downloads, for sure.


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I'm bumping this because it's fucking gorgeous and this stuff doesn't get enough love here. Take a chance, junglists, you won't be disappointed.