Danwell - Straight Rollers Mix


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Ez all! Recorded a new mix for y'all to vibe with! Please leave feedback and let me know what you think! x
3 Deck mix using Traktor and 3 Technics 1210 mkII's Xone:92

Gerra, Stone - Tender Touch
Friction & K-TEE - Overtime
Etherwood - Hold Your Breath (Spectrasoul Remix)
Break - Late Exclusive
Fields, Hydro, Mako & Villem - Celestine
Jonny L - Piper (grooverider Mix)
Jubei - Paragon
Krakota & Judda - Rodan
Break, Need For Mirrors, HLZ - Atlas Shrugged
Fierce & Cause4Concern - Carrier
Foreign Concept & Krakota - Act of Pain
Fierce, Break & Nico - Draw
Getz - My Soul
Dr S Gachet - Remember the Roller
J Majik & Wickaman - Ritual
Logistics - Colour Wheel
Konflict - Messiah
Break - The Flux
Nc17 - SlimeVille
Mako, DLR, Fields - Old Soul
DBR UK - Pushing On
Dabs - Hell Rose (feat. Cern) Villem & McLeod Remix
DLR - Tugboat
Doc Scott - Drums VIP
Enei - Runnin ft. Georgia Yates
dBridge & Vegas - True Romance
Halogenix - Raya VIP
SpectraSoul - Away With Me (feat. Tamara Blessa) (Calibre Remix)
Alix Perez - Behind Time
Memro - Droplets
Ulterior Motive - Sideways
Total Science - Street Level
Goreteks - Outcry


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double dark. fuck yeah. im listening to trap for some damn reason, im getting pains in my neck and my heart feels like its been replaced with a rubricks cube, i have to change this fking music asap


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Yes mate.
This was wicked. Really enjoyed it. Loved the old tunes thrown in too.
I wrote down some stuff while listening through.

Great opener - Overtime kicking in like a mule sitting the bollox over tender touch.
Hold your breath comes in changing the pace a bit. top tune.
Hold tight... "Exclusive" Top notch Wandell. Blending styles like its nothing. Bit early on the bass switch imo, might have sounded slightly better the other way around.
Celestine coming in raw, nice blend. EQ'd those growling bits to a t.
Piper - brilliant man. loved the cheeky crossfades too.
Paragon's snares sit nice of this. Little high on the trebble eq imo but still real nice.
>Rodan - Killer track. Nice mix too
Atlas Shrugged - Wicked, when those vocal come back in and this track gets complicated its awesome. Didn't like the cut off tho. but in come carrier and that makes up for it. cheeky switches like it!
act of pain. banger.
Draw - urrrghh sick. track's got the flu.
My soul - deep, titanic. been meaning to pick this 12 up.
How can anyone forget the roller. wicked tease, nicely and cleanly taken out of the mix too.
Ritual - came in full volume a little quick but nothing major.
Colour wheel - shit that was quick, well played.
Power down messiah mix. sounded ok.
Shit the bed - flux--- yes yes and more. Sorry, but i'm having a go at that when i get home. what a mix.
Slimevillage - another banging blend.
Old soul - yeah ok man. not really feeling this track.
zoned out man... vip drums coming in strong. sounds bad ass. tune doesn't get old.
running sounds nice coming in.. lil less mid range on tugboat would help the vocal push through a bit more.
true romance sounding romantic. reeces sounding swish together. vocals sit nice over it too.
raya - wasn't digging this mix tbh.
cheeky switch to away with me. letting the into roll out. assuming ur gonna rock in behind time at the drop... yeah here comes. Wicked, nice lil mix, personally my favorite perez tune.
droplets. banging mix. worked well with away with me sitting quiet in the back.
sideways was cool. the chopped amens of droplets poked through with ease and i was digging the bass switch back to those pumping notes.
street level - shit.. not heard this for ages. selector.
outcry - this tune is new to me. ah man.. looks like its digi only.


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Maaaate! This mix is huge!

Konflict - Messiah -> Break - The Flux is ridiculous!

This had me dancing on the train on the way to work.
DLR - Tugboat
>> Doc Scott - Drums VIP
Enei - Runnin ft. Georgia Yates
>> dBridge & Vegas - True Romance

Big up! This one is going on the ipod


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Mix is SICK! Gonna give this a more thorough bit of feedback in the near future but you should be proud of this one, man. Been bumping while doing boring housework all of yesterday and this was lovely!