Competition: Design the new logo for SB:Advance (FKA Streetbeats)!

Win yourself a year's subscription to the SB:Advance promo list and free entry to all SB related events!!

As most of you will know, Streetbeats is being relaunched as SB:Advance and all streetbeats back catalogue represses will from now on be released under SB:Rewind.

As part of the rebranding, we're looking for a logo that will eventually be instantly associated with SB, so whether you want to use lettering or come up with a cool symbol or whatever, it's up to you, however the logo you make should be usable by itself, or with the 'Advance' or 'Rewind' tag (The subtext will be SB:Advance or SB:Rewind if the letters 'SB' aren't in the logo).

The eventual winner will have all three versions and a version for black & white printing. You don't need to do all 4 versions to enter, we just need to like the idea and see that you can make them look good!

Please email your sumissions to (and post them in this thread if you like).


NB: Other than that there are no restrictions on the design, any colour schemes, themes that you think would be suitable for SB, we'd love to see them.
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