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Discussion in 'Production' started by TallenUSA, Apr 29, 2014.

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    As I was browsing the forums, I noticed this particular one did not have a collaboration thread, or at least to my knowledge.

    The purpose of this thread is to contact and link-up with fellow producers to catch a glance at the soft/hardware/DAW each person is using to create their music.

    I have came up with a general template to use if you choose to do so:

    • What DAW do you use?
    • What genre do you mainly produce?
    • How long have you been producing music?
    • What VST's do you favor?
    • Biggest influences (Anything that influences your sound)?
    • What artists virtually reflect your sound(s)?
    • Best way to contact you? (Email, SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, etc.?)
    • Links regarding your music:

    If this thread causes too much havoc, feel free to remove it! I just thought this would be an interesting thread, especially considering this forum is full of talented individuals.
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    São Paulo, Brazil
    I think this is a pretty good idea!

    As for myself:

    DAW: Fl Studio

    Genre: Drum and bass, dubstep and industrial (sometimes dark ambient too)

    How long have I been producing: 1 year

    What VSTs do you favor: Massive, Philharmonik and all the stock plugins on FL.

    Biggest Influences: Noisia, Black Sun Empire, Skream, Akira Yamaoka and many, many heavy metal bands.

    What artists vitually reflect your sounds: I don't know, really, as I don't have a vast experience on who are who inside dnb.

    Best way to contact: pm here, e-mail (drvlockofficial @ gmail )

    Link regarding your music: it's on my sig.
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    Aug 13, 2013
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    Yeah good idea.
    I'm probably too inexperienced and a little bit left of field for most people to collaborate with, but what the hell...

    Genre: anything. I'm currently working towards understanding classical fugues, and also some neurohop? if that's a thing but I have produced jazz-liquid, harder dnb, house and odd mixes of everything.
    How long have I been producing: nearly 1 year now, but not seriously: I've only made 4 finished tracks (only three are on soundcloud) and the usual mess of unfinished ideas.
    VSTs: Synthmaster
    Biggest influences: I don't listen to that much music, but Billain, Squarepusher, Minilogue maybe?
    Strengths (I added a category): harmonies and chords, variation, playing the piano, rhythms
    Weaknesses: sound design, not getting carried away with experimentation, compression, mixing...
    Best way to contact: message me here.
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  4. Optimal Prime

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    Apr 4, 2013
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    Manchester, United Kingdom, United Kingdom
    Nice idea Tallen

    DAW: Cubase 4
    Genre: Mainly Drum & Bass currently and some Dubstep, although the focus is DnB for Optimal Prime anyway. Used to do a lot of house and some trance but decided to switch into this scene. Find it hard to stick to one sub genre or style so I cover a lot of areas within DnB inc trancey John B to darker to smoother liquid.
    How long have I been producing?: technically 14 or so years, however that includes starting from Music on the PS1. I've worked with Cubase for about 10 years now.
    Biggest Influences: Always find this sort of question hard, but lately in DnB, I like Noisia, Mefjus, Stray, Sub Focus, Kove, Fred V & Grafix (despite their sound changing, becoming melodic and people whinging about it I couldn't give a fuck, some of it is good). Biggest influence though I can answer and that person is John B by far, ever since I got hold of Trance 'n' Bass CD in 2003.
    What artists reflect your sounds?: Our music is always different and really would be a combination of said artists above, in addition to many more along those lines.
    Contact: optimalprimeuk at g ma il dot com
    Link to music: click in signature for access.
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    anyone up for a collab in fl studio ?