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May 22, 2009
Alright guys

Pretty new to this site....actually this is my first post. Been producing for a while but only just started trying to get my stuff out there - so I got a myspace the other day. Check them out if you can and any feedback/advice would be wicked.
hows it going! yeah i like mate, got some nice ideas going on there, liking drum sound/style you got. been producing for long mate? welcome to the site.
cheers man. Well, I've only really properly got into the drum and bass side of production in the past 8-12 months I'd say. Before that I used to do techno.
Hey Crocodile!

Just off the record... maybe it would also be a good idea if you could review any of the tracks by other members of the forums? I am sure that by doing this, you would definitely receive much more feedback to your own track...


Yeh sure man. Im all for getting involved here - just getting started with it all to be honest! Any thoughts on the songs by the way?
i like ur tunes man, nice chilled vibes to them, I think theyre achieving that type of genre sound reli well. altho i wud like to bit more variation in them?
seasons is probly my fav
Hi Croc, excellent, welcome to the forums :)

Absolutely loved the intro for Thousand Kisses, felt like going back to the afterhours in spain... six o'clock in the morning and you want to chill out! :D

The way in which this song evolves is very good too... just when I was thinking that a few extra glitching would definitely be welcome, the main theme gets in...

Overall: great production, mixing and mastering...

Intro for Through the Window is also wonderful: love the crescendo and it really transmits a sense of urgency (when will the sub bass kick in?) et all...

So: great songs, will be nice listening to more of your music mate :)

Thanks for the feedback guys! EvezDroppin - do you mean variation from track to track or variation during an individual track? The clips on myspace are really just the start of the track - they obviously get more details/varied towards the middle. To be honest, the only reason I dont put full tracks on is I'm a bit scared of putting unsigned stuff on myspace. I dunno if this is just me being paranoid or what... Any thoughts?
When you mean unsigned: I asume that you mean that someone might simply take your song and claim it as their own?
I have never posted anything in myspace yet... I guess that it really depends where do you want to go from here with your music (i.e., in my case, anything that I posted there would be a full track mainly because most of my production is just to have a laugh!)...

But if you feel a bit paranoid... I guess it's somehow good, and it would be a good idea to do a little research to know your rights etc...

From a sampling point of view, chances are that people will definitely grab some of your staff and use it for their own production... but I guess your main concern is someone stealing a whole track...
Nice one man! Thanks. Someone said something about variation before you aswell - do you mean variation between different tracks? Or variation during one song?
i mean by variation the tracks are quite repetitative. dnb is repetitative by nature, but this is a tad too repettative, try some sound effects, mayby change the bass melody for one bar etc, or the vocal sample etc. just experiment!
I guess that the main issue is that some of your beats can go on for quite a long time without a single change in the basic pattern...

As someone said, D&B is repetitive by nature - although some people have a more glitchy attitude than others...

Personally, I would add some variations in your beats every now and again... it does not need to be anything dramatic if you prefer repetitive beats, but an extra hat here and there, or simply changing eq in some elements, might do the trick...

I would suggest you try dblue glitch, a great freebie that will allow you to add some experimental elements to your beats (

This is a brilliant tool for live performances, but I normally use it to add extra elements to my beats (i.e. I have an exact copy of my main beat in two tracks, but one of them has glitch, which allows me to add just a small variation).

As a rule of thumb: if you like repetitiveness, minimal changes can give a massive boost to your music (people might not perceive the changes at first hearing BUT the overall result will be a more fluid track)...

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