big up!


Dec 22, 2001
what would u like to know? hahaha
im a northern lass old enuff to know better hahaha mmmm i didnt used to like to call myself dj but i have just played out, my first gig in London, only for an hour & it went too fast!
I play funky dnb with & without vocals, i love dnb all kinds but sum stuff i wouldnt play myself. I used to be total house trainspotter & when i first thought bout djing many years ago i was in2 house so maybe my style reflects that?!
I was shitting it for a week b4 the saturday night coz i knew the guy who asked me to play had just won a dj comp & most of the people at the party,i thought, would be into house, the stuff he played. As soon as i started people asked me what kind of music it was, which made me laugh. They danced & a few people said they really liked it & when was i playing again. The true power of dnb!!
I was buzzing afta that & more enthusiatic than ever, so many people out there love dnb but dont know it yet!!!!



Nov 29, 2001
lilmissdj said:
so many people out there love dnb but dont know it yet!!!!

Yup yup, i've found it pretty easy to convert people to the right side of musical taste, you just need to ease them in easy like, and blast it into there head whenever they are in your car... then take them to a decent local event. Boom, converted.
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