Big snares!

errrrm right...

Take 1 thuddy snare (that almost sounds like a tom) and beef it up at it's sweet spot (normally around 200hz)

Put a fizzy snare on top of this to add errrr fizz....roll the bottom of this so it doesn't clash with the thuddy snare.

Add either a snappy snare or clap to give it snap....rolll the bottoms off this too if the freqs are clashing at all.

The thuddy snare is going to give the overall snare power whilst the clap and fizz are there to add character.

...all you need now is to piss about with each channel's levels until they sit nice.

...oh and depending on what effect you're going for you might wanna make all the snare lengths the same as well.

job done.

exactly this
Do a processed punch to it:

Add a compressor to the channel, squash it with ratio and treshold. Ratio maybe 3:1 or even more, treshold so that overall gain reduction is maybe 3-6db. Then start dragging the attack up until you have real snap at the beginning. If you move in normal drum and bass bpm's, aim somewhere between 75ms and 200ms. Could go as wild as over 300ms. A volume envelope is a good way to achieve this too.

(This is because at 176, 1/4 note is 341ms so everything half that, quarter or twice or whatever will sit in rythmically.)

You cant create those larger than life snares with this method but you can get a lot of crunch from the pop in the beginning.
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This was a great thread, cheers everyone. I'd agree with layering claps, buzzes, white noise, kick. Doesn't mean I can do it great yet but thats what I try and I think I'm getting there. I'll try that compression thing now.
something that i havnt seen mentioned so far is PITCH. u have to pitch/tune each layer. i find this has the biggest impact on samples fitting together when layered, then eq and compress. lol remember to do eq cuts before compressor and boost eqs after.
also on the compressor try a slow attack 30-60ms and a fast realese 20ms this can help add snap.
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