Big snares!


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Oct 29, 2007
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this is really startin to make me mad!

its the only part of my game im cant get hang of!!

ive got 1000s of snare hits.... i search for guide on how to beef em up on ere..... i try said guides but i get no results!!!

I got no producer m8s close by to show me hence imall self taught on everything but big snares are really start to try my patience!

Can someone pllllllllllllease take the time into helpin me coz i feel im on a losin battle :(
i'll say if your snare is hitting at hi frequencies than it's not fat so you have to support with a low extra sound/a low pitched snare (between 0.120-0.200 KHz range i think)
you can see the frequencies with a spectrum analyser
im not an expert tho someone would explain better
i had that problem, right, get a snare with a nice high to it, filter out the low end, then copy it a few times, so u have like 2-3 layers of this snare. then get one with a nice deep snare, and boost the frequency of 160-180 or so. n layer this up again. should do the trick
Look for the Vengeance sample packs, not for dnb but they have some decent snares for layering.
They're a bit over-processed mind but you should be able to get some results.

My snares have been shite for ages, only recently have I started to get 'em the way I want. And its just practice, honest!

Play with the ADSR of the layered snares to get them to gel together.
Don't EQ too much out of either of your snares (assuming you layer 2, you might want 3)
just enough so they don't demolish each other.
Don't bother with compression until after you have it sounding decent.

There is no 'instant fix', if you work hard enough your perseverance will pay off.
try the snares from the danny byrd sample pack if you can get hold of them, some excellent samples in there.

the key is variety, layer up 2 or 3 snares but remember that you cant polish a turd so if it doesn't sound good to begin with it aint gonna get much better.

just get as many snare samples as you can and play around with them
layer with sounds that arent snares aswell, claps, rimshots, clicks, white noise etc.. for a more unique sounding snare, obviously getting a good start sample is the key, took me ages to find decent snare hits for dnb production.
layering is one option. I find it best to start with a snare with a lot of punch already, add an eq to it and boost the snare around 180-250 hz, play around til its at its punchist, the method to apply the eq to the snare will vary depending on the DAW you use (i.e. Fruity, reason, cubase, logic, etc) If I knew what you were using I could help you more. Once you have applied the EQ it will bring out the punchier frequencies.

Now try layering a snare with quite a lot of top end (i.e. quite treblely) The high pass this one to remove the lower frequencies and then adjust the attack and release...etc and volume til it sits niceley with the other snare, you might need to adjust the pitches so they sit nicely together.

Give that a try....
i think ur all gonna lay the boot into me ere but i think also part the problem is im using headphones lol

dont tell me to get monitors, its impossible for me to have them due to a few factors!
i think ur all gonna lay the boot into me ere but i think also part the problem is im using headphones lol

dont tell me to get monitors, its impossible for me to have them due to a few factors!

i use headphones, get decent ones if its an issue.
if i used monitors all the time my neighbours might have somat to say about it.:twisted:
sounds ok but id personally put a bit more of a snap sound over it when it hits, like a clap or a pitched up snare.
errrrm right...

Take 1 thuddy snare (that almost sounds like a tom) and beef it up at it's sweet spot (normally around 200hz)

Put a fizzy snare on top of this to add errrr fizz....roll the bottom of this so it doesn't clash with the thuddy snare.

Add either a snappy snare or clap to give it snap....rolll the bottoms off this too if the freqs are clashing at all.

The thuddy snare is going to give the overall snare power whilst the clap and fizz are there to add character.

...all you need now is to piss about with each channel's levels until they sit nice.

...oh and depending on what effect you're going for you might wanna make all the snare lengths the same as well.

job done.
Add some reverb and also add in a really low subtle kick on it too.

i wouldn't add reverb to a drum and bass snare, there isn't enough room for adding tails to your snares, add reverb to hats/rim shots/breaks but not to kicks and snares.

like lots of the guys have said - you can't polish a turd so get the best samples you can. practice at layering and lots of people have told me to A-B your sound. Pick out a track that has similiar sounding snares to what you want and work the ADSR, levels etc of each layered snare until you get the right sound. practice and having the best samples are the way forward.
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