Best night ever?

clark kent

Feb 5, 2002
What is ther best d+B night you've ever been to? What venue was it and who played?

Mine was probably Valve at Mass
Line up : Dj Flight
Lemon D
Andy C

Wicked atmosphere, music and not over-crowded.
Mine's prolly one of the Slammin' Vinyls I've been to.

Homelands was cool.

So was Raindance!!

LOL, I can't decide :D
The best night I had ever was a Desire at the island on NYE - it was fuckin mental! When it hit midnight the place was buzzin for about 2 or 3 hours!! Every DJ smashed it!! The crowd were wrecked .... it was the best!!

Oh - that and an A.W.O.L. on Xmas day - Grooverider smashed it! NASTY!!
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