Banquet Records (Kingston-Upon-Thames) Drum & Bass New releases 15/08/11

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    Whats up people. I'm off to India for two weeks raving it up with some hippies to some goan Trance so I'll leave you in the capable hands of Mike! This week the man like Hamilton drops an absolute corker or Ram. His "Brainstorm" fits in really well with the new Ram sound and "Echoes" a melodic liquid roller featured on the Andy C Nightlife 5 mix! Plus the mammoth tune that is "Slow Down VIP" by Break and Die gets a general release on Symmetry. We also have big tunes from Klute, Lynx, DJ Guv and more.

    On a promo tip Local legend Cyantific drops the mindblowing "Touch Me" on Ram which is simply amazing, you need to hear this!! On the flip he goes hard with good friend and incredible talent Wilkinson with "Get Into It". New guys on the scene Nu Elementz and Decimal Bass drop the huge jump up club anthem "Hall of Mirrors" and they also have a track on Foxy's Biological beats called Shogun which has a dirty Majistrate remix. In addition we've got great tracks from Andy Skopes & Mr Joseph, Rido and many more so check out the new releases below! That's it folks have a great couple of weeks and I'll see you when I get back.

    Piers (Tronik)

    New Releases:

    Hamilton - 'Brainstorm / Echoes' - Ram Records
    Klute - Scooter / Party Hands - Commercial Suicide
    Lynx, Malibu & Hellrazor / Lynx & Hellrazor - Sleazy / Taboo - Detail Recordings
    Bulb - Tenderness - Kokeshi
    Break & Die / Need For Mirrors - Slow Down VIP / Skip Rope - Symmetry Recordings
    Royalston & Mark Berry ‘All My Life’ - Bad Taste Recordings
    Tyke & Prestige 'Scorpio' - Grid Recordings UK
    Various Artists - Surface EP - Titan
    DJ Guv - Dont Push Me / Gangsta - Subway Soundz
    Tali vs Fourward - Facing Forwards / Who Can Say - Audio Porn
    Counterstrike and KC - Extreme Mutilation (VIP Mix) /
    Counterstrike, SPL and Limewax - Killing Machine (VIP Mix) - Algorythm

    Promo Releases:

    Cyantific - 'Touch Me' / Cyantific & Wilkinson ‘Get Into It - Ram Records
    Rido - Twisted Feat. Thomas Oliver / Focus - Metalheadz
    Andy Skopes & Mr Joseph Secret - Call To Arms / Trash Talk - Operations
    Nu Elementz and Decimal Bass - Hall Of Mirrors / Into The Dark - Higher Stakes
    Hoax - Utopia / Dialogue Feat. MC Envy - Rompa Stompa - Smoke Screen
    Josh Osho Feat. Ghostface Killah - Redemption Day (Roni Size Remix) - Other
    Serial Killaz - Fresh Styles / Gutter Skank - Maximum Boost
    Dub Zero - Selecta / Ego Trippin - Cold Blue Steel - Intense
    Nu Elementz and Decimal Bass - Shogun - Shogun (Majistrate Remix) - Biological Beats
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    I havent been in the shop for a while due to the lack of funds but I need to pop in soon!

    That Counterstrike, SPL and Limewax release looks big!

    Was good to see you at Ram the other night aswell, you seemed in a good mood! ;) haha