Ayala - Flying Rabits

How I love this intro and delicate feeling about whole tune, you can not imagine :)
Great job with the feel of the whole tune.
Amazing work
Keep'em coming !!!
Outstanding song!
I love the simplicity, it fits with the theme! :)

Anyway, for some constructive feedback..
at 0.44, and probably at the whole song you should cut some overtones. If you listen carefully, or maybe not that careful at all you notice that when you hit the bass a really puncturing high tone comes with it.
I had it myself in this song:
You can hear it at 0:55. It's even worse on my song, and I'm planning to remaster it some time to fix it.

So my advice would be: get some kind of frequency analyser (there's one in Cool Edit Pro 2.1, which you can download with ease)
and then check the peaks that are way above the normal frequencies you'd expect, then cut those with a parametric equalizer.
This should probably fix the problem ;)

Well that for the technical side. The rest of the mix sounds great!
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Ez cheers buddy for the lengthy reply. I'll be touching things up when I'm feeling inspired again broski
really like the bass man
overall mix sounds really good
have no idea what the snare is made of.lol
nice tune man
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