Audio Relief Service Announcement - New (old) management Team back in place

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Feb 5, 2011
HI All

Seems there are a few people who have had issues with delivery. Firstly we would like to apologise. The business is not going bust and is trading fine. We experienced some staffing issues over the Christmas period. Whilst this made us less responsive than we would have liked to have been (in terms of answering emails - the phone customer service was removed some months ago but is now re-instated following customer feedback) , the orders should still have been dispatched.

We have successfully shipped over 16,000 orders since we started the business and have always delivered excellent service. We have been rated highly by over 1000 online shoppers during that period.

We have a new email address going live on Monday as many of the existing ones were getting spammed and our number is now manned again (Mon to Fri 9am -5.30pm) so we are confident you will experience the same great service we have historically given. If you still have issues then please let us know.

No orders are being taken that are not being shipped I can assure you of that. In terms of custom products that need to be made for you individually. To improve the impression taking part of our process we have introduced a voucher scheme. The voucher can be taken to a wide range of outlets who will take the impressions for you. They will then be sent directly to the manufacturer, and once made sent directly to you.

The New Audio Relief Management Team
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