ATT. ALL - General Politeness & Download Ettique [PLEASE READ]

Well Said Jay.

The schooling of youngsters is left up to the veterans.

All in all truth this is a great forum.Everyone on here doesn't have a stick up there ass and you got to give it up to the jokesters for making it fun.:lol:
Please can we have the sticky thread for requests - is well annoying to come on here and have to navigate around request threads that aren't often made obvious until you click into them.

Also, is there any chance you can add in that contributing can be done by submitting a tracklisting.

It seems that there are a lot of sets being posted up without tracklistings and it seems to be up to the same people each time to make one. Even if some members can just ID a tune that an original poster cannot ID himself - it all helps!
i guess this thread is kinda aimed and people such as myself. ive read and taken in everything jay. ive commented on everything ive downloaded so far and will be sure to keep the posting going.

well said btw jay.
well said jay . You can't download some of the many amazing sets on here and not even say thankyou... it's just plain rude!!
Although we'd hope that these guidelines are simply intuitive, it is great to have them on here! Sometimes common sense is anything but common. 8)
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