ATT. ALL - General Politeness & Download Ettique [PLEASE READ]

jay walker

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Jan 15, 2003
between a rock and a hard place, Hants
Alot of regulars here do a hell of alot of work to keep this forum buzzing with the freshest mixes available & classic past sets that youd never find on cd/mp3 anywhere. ive taken note of our regulars comments, and we need to sort a few things out.

So, a few points that will keep everyone happy round here:

- Leechers who use this forum to just download a few sets, why not register? you only get limited views of threads as a non-member, and we have many sections on this forum to keep you entertained for ages!

- If you download a set, drop a few words of thanks. (it doesnt take a second to do!)

- If you feel like contributing, but dont have sets to upload yourself, upload a mirror link for a set youve downloaded, or a add a mirror link to a thread with alot of views/hits.

- Aggro & Attitude, Drum & Bass attracts people from many walks to life & many different ages, some naive youngsters feel the need for bravado on the forums ('Kevin, your teas ready'), and are posting to get a reaction out of many of the regulars here. Its the job of the older, more experienced regs round here to school the the youth, not hurl abuse at them. :lol:

- Last but not least, Requests.
This is a Mixes & Tracklisting sub forum, not a requests forum, Im thinking of adding a sticky thread, soley for requests (tell us if we need if regs), hopefully this would stop the mixes section getting cluttered up with request threads.

We open to suggestion here, anything ideas, let us know, all we wanna do is keep things like clockwork round here.

Jay Walker
well done....maybe u should tell the mods 2 move all the requests threads into the request sticky
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