Anyone up for a collaboration?


Drench Audio
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May 21, 2007
Basically I've got to the point where all the tunes I'm working on, I've heard so many times I can't tell whats good anymore, so figured it's about time for a fresh approach.

Nothing serious, but wondered if anyone wanted to add their own style to one of my tunes, or send one of theirs for me to give a new flavour.

It's more a experiment out of interest than a dedicated project, and thought some people may be in the same position.

^^^ The top 3 tunes on the player are the ones I'm currently working on (Hidden Agenda, Afterdawn & Footsoldier) or could start a new tune.

I can send tunes as a Reason File with self contained samples or a MIDI File, or an Ableton Live Set, or just a normal wav or MP3

If your interested send me a PM or an email on
I would love to do a collab to see how others approach there tunes,and to gain some experience.............. but I'm using fl8 at the moment
mate id be well up for working on foot soldier with you, i produce jump up though, and you got abit of a different style, but fuck it, if your up for it im game, i use reason 4 by the way (just incase you use version 3) PM me !!!
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