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  • aiight..
    mate is there any chance i can get a 320 of your new tune?
    tbh id quite like to have a copy of all of them if u dont mind...
    i like to play a lot of self produced tunes aswell as the real big ones...well i know there all self produced but u know what i mean.
    Easy mate, come over and check out Disfunktional Radio. we have loads of live shows - 50 hours every week of top talent playing most genres of music, we are also in the process of signing up a couple of INTERNATIONAL Djs from both America and Japan, meaning there will be live shows 24 hours a day. there is lots of DnB on the radio station, many of the djs being regular posters on this site (Controller, Kemzino , Wellsy (DJ MASHley) , Perspective , Nuttynyce , Nick Ep)........... Please sign upto our forums too and get to know some of the djs, signing up will also unlock the mixes archive for you so you can DL mixes and also upload your own for feedback. When you listen into live shows, be sure to come in the chat room for requests / shoutouts from the DJ.
    Timetable: http://z10.invisionfree.com/DisfunktionalRadio/index.php?showtopic=31
    Homepage: www.disfunktional-radio.co.uk

    good stuff mate. so satisfying to completely change drums and make em your own.
    keep it up
    yes mate i get ya!
    Have not paid a cent for my stuff so far.
    No prob with the feedback mate, its gratefully recieved at my end too.
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