Absys Records Podcast Mix 11 by Kali Avaaz


Absys Records
Jul 11, 2008

The sound of Kali Avaaz stands for many as a symbol of modern variety in Germany and beyond. Living in Leipzig, djing since 2006, she bridges intuitively the gaps between various electronic genres and her sets are always delicate journeys between 120 and 170 BPM. Kali Avaaz last appearance in her hometown was playing as support for Shackleton at Conne Island Weekender as well in the forward thinking Institut für Zukunft. This year she also played at the Shotgun Festival in Czech Republic and the Samurai Horo Night in the infamous Cross Club in Prague.


Arve Henriksen
- Poverty And It´s Opposite
Flug (Official) - Getting Wiser
mikkel metal - Untitled (Substance Mix)
Synth Sense - Ectype
Concealed Identity - Kuniyoshi
Akkord - Monolith
Sam KDC - Symbol 8.1
Theme# - Theme 3
Oneohtrix Point Never - Blue Drive
Shaded Explorer - High Above Water
Kowton - A Bluish Shadow
Voices From The Lake - Meyku
Akuratyde - Lights In My Eyes
Drummers Of The Societe Absolumenent Guinin - Zepol
Es.tereo & Hatti Vatti - Kolours
LXC - Eleven Eleven

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