About Me..

Been listening to dnb for about three years now and have built up quite a big collection of tunes. I'm really into the deeper/ technical side of dnb listening to labels such as dispatch, critical, horizons, samurai, demand, subtitles - the list is endless! Anyway, I've been mixing for about two years and recently purchased a pair of immaculate Technics 1200's (money well spent) which I use mainly with serato but have a small vinyl collection which is growing. I want to start recording mixes across different styles of dnb as I feel new sounds are really being pushed, the main focus being on deep, dark rolling beats. The main aim to eventually start playing out live, but it's hard to find people in my area supporting the dnb scene!

Recently came across this forum and had to join up, it has everything you can possibly want that is dnb related, and am looking forward to sharing my mixes.