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I want to share with you, if i may, a revelation i've had recently. Y'see a few years ago (about 5), i was doing pretty well production wise... my tunes were pretty popular, i was starting to get a little network in the 'scene', i was winning awards on DOA etc (the good old days of DOA)... but somewhere along the line, i lost my passion for witing dnb! I went from writing a few tunes a month to not finishing one in 2 years! Every time i tried it was like my creativity came up against a brick wall. Got pretty frustrating as you can imagine. Lots of times i thought i just wasn't cut out for producing and threw in the towell :towelie:

Well, just recently i finally realised what was going wrong... i was reading one of sooks posts (the one on drum programming) and it hit me like a fucking truck!...... I STOPPED LEARNING...

After moving from DOA to this forum (where there aren't as many great technical producers), my daily dosage of new ideas & fresh techniques virtually stopped. Naively i thought i had enough knowledge about production to write decent tunes - i didn't need to learn any more. WRONG! The learning is what makes it all fun & worthwhile!

So i want to say:

A massive Thank you! to Sook, for completely humbling me, and reminding me why i love writing dnb :D

I hope this story comes in useful for anyone who might find themselves in the same position i was in, or has already come up against that brick wall and doesn't know how to get around it. It's fucking annoying i know!

Sorry if this post was a little bit ghey :finger:
wow... been having a really
stressful week
reading that made my day
cheers all
means alot
i do enjoy posting on this forum
happy i could be of service

better stop styping before this
gets to soppy