5meo - bassface (neuro/tech)


My name is Jago (HYQXYZ)
Nov 6, 2009
Antwerp, Belgium
It's ok as it is now, but I think a more contious bassline would work better.
If you make this kind of 'pitching up' melody , you create a drive that you have to continue, so IMO i think you should either make the bass come out more in the mix or choose a more continuous bass.

Keep up the good work! :D


Oct 10, 2010
SE London
Got some nice sounds in there man, I rekon the beat is too erractic for the track....it would suit a more fluid break to go with the synths.. this could roll quite nicely with the right percussion - finish it!

you been rendering in mono again!!!?!?


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Oct 25, 2009
i like these gritty drums, very heavy, but the whole tune seemed to loose impact upon the drop, maybe you are pushing the mixdown too loudly?? i dont know! it does sound good but its a little unclear think it should be more pronounced... think u are getting a nice sorta phace vibe tho
Sep 7, 2010
sounds good man! I would have to agreee about your drums not fitting the tune, I really like the drums but i think they would be good on a moar techy minimal tune.
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