2 New tunes , feedback appreciated!


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That atmosphere is pretty loud.
The intro needs more to keep the listener engaged
a high shelf would bring in some energy at the drop
try sidechaining some distortion and spreading it out a bit. . . .just a bit, to add a little more energy to the bass

Jump up clip:
again, some fx and incidentals will help the intro by adding interest
again, some sidechained distortion would help
try processing the basses some more to get a different sound in there on the turn-arounds
with jump up basses, try pushing the sound way past its limits. play around with comb filters, vocoders, distortion, saturation.
Try adding a HUIUUUUGE peak at around 200hz, distort it and multiband compress it back down.
OR a simple Wow filter would help (band reject or a 2 pole band pass, vowel mode on, a parobolic or hyperbolic drive and the LFO modulates the cut off)
A subtle notch filter, sweeping the whole bass track will add dynamics.
Jump up is pretty straight forward, but theres still some dynamics in there.

I hear a break come in, the amen i think, but its barely audible. This was a tough one for me to grasp. Iif you feel like the sound is too loud even at very low volume, so you turn it down that much, youre better off not using it because its just muddying the mix at that point. What I can hear from the break is,
an EQ, gate, compressor, transient shaper, 2 sidechain compressors (one from the kick and one from the snare), EQ and limiter. also a touch of reverb will push it behind the kick snare after all thats done
That should help getting the peaks pop through withought muddying the mix

I dont mean to be critical, I just type as the track plays, as it comes to mind lol