1992's mix for the week of September 11th: "Summer Vibe" (1992 sellection)


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Mar 4, 2002
This is a repost of a mix I did this past spring. Actually I don't think It was ever posted here but rather on DOA. Since I've been banned from DOA by the high school bully moderator they (my mix mp3s) will no longer be seen on there but rather here... on the dnbforum.com!!!

So here it is again in all its hands in the air 1992 tekno tyme glory! Just in time for September 11th, the most depressing day of the year... er next to Labor Day.

01). Josh Wink "Hypnotizin (Hardcore Remix)" (Sorted Records 20190) *Can you believe this is from 1995? I cant!*
02). The Rude Boy "Return of a Simple Song" (Mutant Records 7)
03). Force Mass Motion "The Cutter" (Rabbit City * 001)
04). Dave Clarke "Parameter" (Sonic Groove 0121)
05). Tronik House "Up Tempo (Grooverider Remix)" (KMS UK1) *Ryder!*
06). Isotonik "Different Strokes (Grooverider Remix)" (FFRR TABX101)
07). Psychotropic "Hardtime" (O2 055R) *Hands in the air!!!*
08). N-Joi "Live In Manchester" (Deconstruction) *Time to get syrous!*
09). Sonic Experience "Musics Gonna Rule The World" (Strictly Underground STURLP2) *BOH!*
10). Sound Factory "Take Me 2 The Top" (Logic 07863-62371-1) *Bside to the pop tune "understand this groove"*
11). Carl Cox "Feel Real" (Perfecto 74321 10287 1) *Coxy was GOOD!!!*
12). Rhythm Section "Atomic Bass (Remix)" (Rhythm Section RSEC009) *Decoder eat your heart out!*
13). Rhythm Section "Dream World" (Rhythm Section RSEC006) *Rush Flashback, Ohh my*
14). Isotonik "Everywhere I Go (Fizzy Orange (DJ Hype) Remix)" (FFRREEDOM TABX108) *GASP!*
15). Smooth But Hazardous "Made You Dance" (Basement BRSS007)
16). Red Alert & Mike Slammer "Slammer (Remix)" (Brain 50) *Hands!*
17). Psychotropic "Hypnosis (SL2 Remix)" (O2 006)
18). Red Alert & Mike Slammer "Now Get Up !" (Brain 50)
19). Structural Damage "Really Livin" (Symphony Sounds 001) *Reminds me of Sophie Spinner RIP*
20). DJ Seduction "Come On" (FFRREEDOM TABX111) *My favorite all time 92 track!*
21). Carl Cox "The Planet of Love (Break In Mix)" (Perfecto 7432116177-1)
22). DJ's Unknown - Vol.1 (Homegrown 002) *I hate the piano break in this one, hence the fast mix*
23). Rush Till Dawn "We Told You" (Basement BRSS005) *An LTJ Bukem favorite & mine too*
24). Slipmatt - Blackside (SMD #2) *Amen Presha!*
25). Isotonik (Grooverider) "Rush" (FFRREEDOM TABX108) *Autographed by Rider*
26). Serotonin (Krome & Time) "Rumblism" (KT001) *Hit the Decks, this ones crazy!*
27). Phantasy & Gemini "Ruff Beats" (Easy Repress CL002) *Repress more Phantasy!*
28). DJ SS "Djs Anthem Vol.1" (Formation 12008)
29). X-Cert "Strike A Dub" (Limited E XCK01) *My new favorite tune!*
30). Manix "Try To Love Me (Remix)" (Reinforced 1221R) *Payed $41.00 for this!*
31). Cosmo & Dibs "Xultation" (Moving Shadow 25 Promo) *Finnaly I own this!!!*
32). Free Spirit "Optical Illusion" (Insite INC2/124) *$6.00 on Ebay!!*
33). Fabio - Likes 1992 (Because its bad ass 001)

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Mar 21, 2002
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Originally posted by 1992

02). The Rude Boy "Return of a Simple Song" (Mutant Records 7)

Ha ha! Cant believe someone actually used that as a production name!!! :lol: Bet he was a right pleb!


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Feb 17, 2003
Sweet set. I remember recording the first tune from a very commercial radio station around 1995, but I have lost the tape. Flashbacks... thanks for letting me know this tune again!

PS. I have one more ID for Grooverider's set at Sterns, which you probably haven't noticed yet :)
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