1992 - Rollin' Beats (07/00/03)


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This is a mix I made especially for the Mondial Top Scan owned by Cumberland Valley Shows. This is the only Top Scan ride that travels in the United States and so it is quite a special machine. When I found out that it was going to be making an appearance at the 2003 Meadowlands Fair I wanted to give it a mix of quality music for it to play. At the time I would have just given it my Summer Vibe mix however that mix was on my old computer and I had no way of getting it onto my new one at that moment. So instead I just made a new mix from scratch.

This mix primarily focuses on 4/4 jungle tekno style tracks with a happy rushy quality to them. It came out quite well even though there are a few mistakes due to the fact it was rushed. Besides the patrons spinning upside down on a carnival ride won't notice something that only another record collector would.

When I finally got to the fair I gave this to the foreman of the ride who called himself Kenny Kelly. He was very happy, played the CD straight away, and offered me unlimited rides on the machine for my stay there. Unfortunatly I only rode it once because I almost had a mishap on the Bonzi ride. I guess I'm getting too old for marrithon amusement ride sessions.

At any rate my first and last time on the Top Scan was _extremely_ memorable because I got to ride it just as the mix went into Joint Project "Total Feeling" which is the rushiest track in the mix and probably the best.

WOW, WHAT A RUSH!!!!! RUSH FACTOR 9 MR. SULU!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

If the Top Scan didn't go to Canada this year instead of the Meadowlands fair I would have given the foreman a CD wallet of 12 more hardcore CDs. Maybe next year...

Anyway I didn't release this mix on the internet untill now because I wanted that ride to have it to its self for a while but now here it is for everyone else!

CD Art:

01). Citadel of Kaos "Urbanity" (Boombastic Plastic 003)
02). Nookie "T-Three" (Reinforced 1255)
03). Apollo Two "Return to Atlantis" (Good Looking 003)
04). Kev Bird & Wax Doctor "T.B.N. (93 Remake)" (Basement 022)
05). Citadel of Kaos "Alpha 1" (Boombastic Plastic 002)
06). Rush Till Dawn "Oh My God, I'm A DJ" (Basement BRSSCL5)
07). Kev Bird & Wax Doctor "Dark Matter" (Basement BRSSCL3)
08). Run Tings "Something To Dance To..." (Suburban Base 16)
09). LTJ Bukem "A Couple of Beats" (Good Looking 001)
10). Tin Tin - Volume 1 (Homegrown 029)
11). DJ's Unknown - Vol.2 (I Like It remix) (Homegrown 006)
12). ???? - Volume 3 (4 The Floor Recordings 3)
13). Wax Doctor "New Direction" (Basement BRSSCL1)
14). Mickey Finn "Reality" (Dee Jay 0011)
15). The Criminal Minds "The Criminal (TOP BUZZ Remix)" (WYHS 014)
16). Joint Project "Total Feeling" (Soap Bar 001)
17). Citadel of Kaos "E-Z Man" (Boombastic Plastic 001)
18). Tight Control "????" (MA1)
19). N-JOI "Drumstruck" (Deconstruction)
20). Aurora "Spectral Bass" (Adrenalin TIR001)
21). Open Skies "Ozone Nights" (Reinforced 1231)
22). Eoad "Love The Feeling" (Ibiza 028)
23). Citadel of Kaos "It's Not Over" (Boombastic Plastic 003)
24). Tight Control "Hardcore Piano" (MA1)
25). Random Hero "Come Selecta" (Panic Project 001)

The 192kbps 44khz 72min 98.8mb MP3

Did you know there are two traveling Top Scans in England? The two rides are appropriately named Top Buzz and Top Buzz 2. Its not a mistake that I included a Top Buzz track in this mix and I'm sure the owners of the English rides know the score as well.

N-JOI! :rave:

PS: You can read about how cool the Top Scan is here: Mondial Rides
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Big up yourself Mr '92 (y)

Thanks! Ohh yeah I forgot to mention... It took me two weeks of off and on uploading to get this one up there... yikes! I have another one coming soon that was made for the KMG Fireball of Amusements of America. - 1992
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Hey 92, Gonna hand it to you , I'm not going to say anything negative unlike yourself when you comment on my mixes!

Mix was ok.

Hey nice to see you here. Well I did listen to that mix of yours quite a bit last weekend as I rode my bike on the boardwalk however like I said the volume levels were naughty (which is true, I didn't make that up to be a jerk). I had the same problem but worse last week when I made a newer mix. It was worse because when the volume went up, it had no place to go but "distortionville" which is just north of "clip city". So as a result, I have to re-do it somehow. Redoing it is going to be really rough since my sub broke as I was making that mix. Cheers! - 1992
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