1992 - Dancing is Forbidden (06/14/05)


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The Info:
This mix was made as a reaction to getting a "fun" little summer job on an amusement pier. I was to "DJ" in an enclosed Eli Bridge "Scrambler" which was fitted with HES Trackspots and a sound system. Unfortunatly the people who run the pier were not as musicly savvy as I had previously thought; so I left after my second day. I actually turned down well paying internships that summer just to spread the word of 'ardkore at the beach and it blew up in my face!!!

Not a high point of my summer I assure you but at least it inspired me to make TWO massive digital mega mixes, the other was a very cheesy HHC mix, my reaction to the first day of being there (apparently cheese was prefured over substance). It was never played on the ride however it too will be uploaded some day for all you internet folk.

This one featured here, "Dancing is Forbidden" represents my best digital mix to date. Its made entirely from CDs and it uses some of the production tricks I had found out about up to that date. So it sounds much better in its original WAV form then it does in 192kbps. Heck it even sounds better in 256kbps then it does in 192kbps, but 192kbps is all that is up now.

Why is Dancing Forbidden? I don't know, ask Master Shake of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Its probably forbidden because if you were to dance in the ride building, you would get chopped in half! This mix is a bit of a tribute to the brilliance that is the 7030 production team, the makers of Aqua Teen and Sealab. I always thought there was some sort of a link between those guys and 'ardkore ever since I heard the famous "Go" sample at the end of their shows. Then they made it even more apparent when they actually used Random "Rock Me" in Sealab season 2's "Return to Oblivion"! Not to mention the man responsible for the music in Adult Swim's black and white bumpers is a massive fan of 'ardkore. I previously caught him using DJ Hype's Weird Energy and Remarc's One for the Vibes in those bumpers. All that I've got to say is BIG UP the cartoon network; 'ardkore will never die!!!!

Cover Art:

(Note: The times listed only show the FIRST time each track or sample appears. Many are triggered more then once. What I've shown here should give you a decent idea of what is going on in the mix.)

001). 00:00:00.000 AT&T Text to Speach Converter "1992 goes 1991" sample
002). 00:00:01.601 Aqua Teen Hunger Force "He's headed towards the ocean Shake" sample
003). 00:00:04.139 2 Unlimited "Get Ready For This (Orchestral Mix)"
004). 00:00:12.591 Aqua Teen Hunger Force "Taste the future" sample
005). 00:00:14.732 Random "Rock Me"
006). 00:00:14.732 Random "Rock Me (mono file)"
007). 00:00:41.389 Sea Lab 2021 "Its got to be funky" sample
008). 00:00:57.355 Sea Lab 2021 "I write the code" sample
009). 00:01:17.008 Sea Lab 2021 "Cowabunga" sample
010). 00:01:50.698 Sea Lab 2021 "Bizzaro I love you" sample
011). 00:02:08.500 Liquid Metal "Mr. Dynomite"
012). 00:02:22.734 Sea Lab 2021 "(flavor) burst side (of fries)" sample
013). 00:02:51.206 Outlander "The Vamp"
014). 00:04:51.900 Moby "Go (Rainforest Mix)"
015). 00:06:04.968 D-Shake "Night & Day (Supersonic Mix)"
016). 00:07:58.720 Quazar "Red Alert"
017). 00:09:36.476 Sea Lab 2021: Play "Forever baby" sample
018). 00:09:37.240 Sea Lab 2021: Kid "Word to your mother" sample
019). 00:10:18.899 Sea Lab 2021 "Bizzaro Vision" sample
020). 00:11:03.612 DJPC "Inssomniak (Concrete Mix)"
021). 00:11:38.915 Copy of: DJPC "Insomniak (Concrete Mix)"
022). 00:11:38.915 Copy of: 2 Bad Mice "Waremouse"
023). 00:11:42.719 Urban Shakedown "Some Justice"
024). 00:11:58.731 Shut Up & Dance "Green Man"
025). 00:12:10.954 Ice Cube "Jacking For Beats"
026). 00:12:12.914 Turntable Hype "Techno Nation (NY Rave Reverb)"
027). 00:12:20.047 Copy of Copy of Copy of: Rhythm Section "Feel The Rhythm (Coming on Strong)"
028). 00:12:23.608 Copy of Copy of Copy of: Mantronix "King of the Beats"
029). 00:12:23.608 Ice Cube "Endangered Speices"
030). 00:12:50.284 Copy of: Ice Cube "Jacking for Beats"
031). 00:14:04.916 Paranoid "Paranoid"
032). 00:14:45.789 Copy of: Shut Up & Dance "Green Man"
033). 00:15:22.692 Copy of: Paranoid "Paranoid"
034). 00:15:23.145 Mantronix "King of the Beats"
035). 00:16:32.231 Copy of Copy of: 2 Unlimited "Get Ready for This"
036). 00:16:40.747 ???? "Badboy" sample (probably from a RA&MS record)
037). 00:16:43.143 Copy of: Mantronix "King of the Beats"
038). 00:16:48.465 Copy of: 2 Unlimited "Get Ready for This"
039). 00:20:53.604 Turntable Hype "Set You Free"
040). 00:22:12.005 Equation "The Answer (Frankie Bones Mix)"
041). 00:23:51.562 Emit "T-5"
042). 00:24:34.219 Joey Beltram "Energy Flash"
043). 00:25:16.883 Nightmares On Wax "Aftermath"
044). 00:26:56.459 House of Venus "You've Got To Have It"
045). 00:29:11.525 Haywire "Let Me Be Your Fantasy"
046). 00:31:23.122 Rhythm Section "Feel The Rhythm (Coming on Strong)"
047). 00:32:33.775 Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis "The New Style"
048). 00:34:45.770 DJ Seduction & DJ Phantasy "DJs Unite Vol.1"
049). 00:36:25.325 NUKE "Nana"
050). 00:38:54.658 Rhythm Revolution "Now Gimme Your Beat (Tekno NRG Mix)"
051). 00:40:05.759 Break12 (this came from Jesse Fawcett's sample collection. I don't know the source)
052). 00:40:34.204 Boogie Down Productions "House Niggas"
053). 00:41:16.872 808 State "Kinky National"
054). 00:41:39.296 Copy of: 808 State "Kinky National"
055). 00:44:37.742 Information Society "Peace & Love Inc (Road Kill Remix)"
056). 00:47:30.366 Copy of: Mantronix "King of the Beats"
057). 00:47:39.259 Copy of Copy of: Mantronix "King of the Beats"
058). 00:47:57.974 Duncon "Spirit" Busto's Backspin sample
059). 00:48:05.947 Aqua Teen Hunger Force "Dancing is Forbidden" sample
060). 00:48:19.774 Aqua Teen Hunger Force "End theme song (Rips Moby's "Go")" One Shot
061). 00:48:20.158 808 State "Cubik"
062). 00:48:27.293 Copy of Copy of: Rhythm Section "Feel The Rhythm (Coming on Strong)"
063). 00:48:34.397 Copy of Copy of Copy of: Rhtym Section "Feel The Rhythm (Coming on Strong)"
064). 00:49:25.736 Aqua Teen Hunger Force "End theme song (Rips Moby's Go)" sample
065). 00:50:45:179 DJ Seduction "Hardcore Heaven (Roadkill Remix)"
066). 00:51:13.841 DJ Seduction "Hardcore Heaven"
067). 00:51:13.841 Copy of: DJ Seduction "Hardcore Heaven"
068). 00:51:14.073 Copy of: DJ Seduction "Hardcore Heaven"
069). 00:51:27.400 Hit The Decks vol. 3: DJ Seduction "Come On"
070). 00:52:55.848 DJ Seduction "Hardcore Heaven (The Reincarnation)"
071). 00:53:19.796 LFO "Mentok 1"
072). 00:54:04.253 Magic Mike "It's Automatic (Frankie Bones Mix)"
073). 00:54:18.327 Ave Maria "No Sex Until Marriage (Pre-Matrimonial Climax Version)"
074). 00:55:50.798 Niko "Oh Yeah!"
075). 00:56:19.415 Aqua Teen Hunger Force "We Are The Monninites" sample
076). 00:56:33.287 Lenny Dee "Basic Penetration"
077). 00:59:10.086 Aircut "Visual Attack"
078). 00:59:13.631 2 Bad Mice "Waremouse"
079). 01:00:03.847 Copy of: Aircut "Visual Attack"
080). 01:00:36.961 Aqua Teen Hunger Force "Ain't nothing but disco lights" sample
081). 01:01:05.601 Aqua Teen Hunger Force "We shall ask the mighty mirror ball" sample
082). 01:01:37.747 Bass Boys "Out of Sight"
083). 01:01:51.974 Convert "Nightbird (12 inch version)"
084). 01:04:49.769 BFI "Why Not Jazz (M Remix)"
085). 01:07:47.550 808 State "Pacific 718"
086). 01:09:48.431 Copy of: BFI "Why Not Jazz (M Remix)"
087). 01:09:51.980 Copy of Copy of: BFI "Why Not Jazz (M Remix)"
088). 01:09:55.539 Orbital "Chime (Ray Keith Remix)"
089). 01:12:07.112 MCJ featuring Sima "To Yourself Be Free (Frankie Bones Mix)"
090). 01:13:11.334 Copy of: MCJ featuring Sima "To Yourself Be Free (Frankie Bones Mix)"
091). 01:13:25.336 Noise Engineer "Jellywobble (Blob Blob Mix)"
092). 01:13:32.372 Aqua Teen Hunger Force "WWWYZZARD" sample
093). 01:15:47.584 Space Master "I Need You (Roadkill Remix)"
094). 01:17:12.908 SPI "Presence"
095). 01:18:02.690 Aqua Teen Hunger Force "I write the code" sample
096). 01:18:09.820 Hit The Decks vol.3: Bad Boy "Bad Boy"
097). 01:18:24.010 Skin Up "Accelerate (Rat Race Mix)"
098). 01:19:13.795 Copy of: Skin Up "Accelerate (Rat Race Mix)" One Shot
099). 01:19:46.880 Copy of Copy of: Skin Up "Accelerate (Rat Race Mix)" One Shot
100). 01:19:49.767 Aqua Teen Hunger Force "The Moon Rules #1" sample
101). 01:19:52.485 Aqua Teen Hunger Force "Yes" sample

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Someone said the 192kbps mp3 link wasn't working but it was. However the fact that it was such a low quality mp3 didn't work for me so I put up the 320kbps one instead. Whenever possible I'll try to replace low quality mp3 sets with higher quality versions.
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