1. prettyherb

    Sorted Seizure- Lowlands Promomix (halftime & dnb)

    Hey, I've done a quick mix for my upcoming gig in luxemburg later this month. Combination between halftime and dnb stuff. Enjoy! Tracklist: Monty- A Flash of Luck Balatron- Flip Your Hands Klax- Rekanize Levelz- LVL09 Monty- Thinline Control Dub Phizix- Sip a Little bit of Rum ft. Sparkz &...
  2. prettyherb

    DnB Mentor & Moore- Tomorrow (Sorted Seizure Remix) liquid dnb

    Hey, just finished this track, & landed on faceless media as a free download. Quite a cheesy vocal intro, with a more dancefloor'ish drop.. Something else than my regular funky dnb stuff :) Enjoy, and it's also a free download through the faceless soundcloud. :) Any feedback is welcome!
  3. prettyherb

    N-Gin, Avalon & Sorted Seizure in the mix for Lowlands

    Me and 2 other belgian dj's were invited to go play in Luxemburg, so we did a little warmup mix for the event. 1 hour of vibey and rolling drum&bass :) Enjoy! Tracklist inside :)
  4. prettyherb

    Sorted Seizure- Drop The Funk- Free Download

    Hey Guys Got a new free download up on my soundcloud channel! Feedback is welcome as always! :) Check it here and enjoy:)
  5. prettyherb

    Feedback needed on dancefloor tune (almost done)

    Hey I'm in the final stages of finishing this track. Any criticism would be very welcome as i'd like to send this track over to several promotors/labels ect, so i want it to be 'perfect'. Its private, so can't embed it here- delete one 'h' out of the link...
  6. prettyherb

    So I made your summer hit

    Yo ! Just uploaded a new track on soundcloud. Vibey track, vocals lyrical gayness over level 9000... Feedback would be nice! Free download aswell :) Check it here :) Enjoy! Ruben
  7. prettyherb

    Let It Roll Festival question

    Who's attending the festival this year? Who has been there before? I was wondering. Standard tickets now are +- 75€ VIP package is now +- 370€ (which includes unlimited drinks and food..) Is it worth paying 300€ more for VIP package there (considering i drink a lot of alcohol, I eat a lot to...
  8. prettyherb

    Sorted Seizure- Bear City (new dreamy liquid tune)

    Hey Guys! Just put a new track online. Some dreamy liquid with alan watts samples.. :) Feedback always welcome. It's a free download also! Enjoy!
  9. prettyherb

    New liquid remix

    Hey Guys! Some straight summervibes in this track. Any feedback is welcome. If you want the track, pm me or so and i'll send it over :) Cheers!
  10. prettyherb

    Feedback on deep liquid track

    Whoo!! Been ages since i've posted a track here for feedback... Would be nice to know how you are feeling this one. The little vocal in the breakdown i'm still not to keen on, just added it yesterday and it needs some more finetuning. Yo Ruben
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