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Let It Roll Festival question


VIP Junglist
Who's attending the festival this year?
Who has been there before?

I was wondering.

Standard tickets now are +- 75€
VIP package is now +- 370€ (which includes unlimited drinks and food..)

Is it worth paying 300€ more for VIP package there (considering i drink a lot of alcohol, I eat a lot to handle the alcohol, ...........) Because i've heard it's so cheap there at the festival there is no way I will spend 300€ on my own for drinks and food during those 3 days.



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I've been there 5 times already and I'm going once again this year :) Depends on how much is actually "drink & eat a lot" in your case. Because most of the people I know and who've gone for the Platinum (VIP) ticket last year were pretty happy about it and said it's worth it. Even though we're cheaper than most of the western Europe when it comes down to prices for drinks and food at the festival, you can still spend shit loads of money on it :)