what synths are guys like benny l / limited / traumatize / serum / bladerunner etc using


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Jul 29, 2018
just wondered if anyone knew what synths benny l / limited / traumatize / upgrade / serum / bladerunner
and other guys doing the more resonant bass styles at the moment

Bart Barnes

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Jul 2, 2018
Yes. You can use any synth really for this sound because it is all in the processing and different plug ins and VSTs have different algorithms so you can get some different results if you use VSTs that others don't use.

massive and serum have lots of modulation options within the synth so it is easier to mess around and tweak parameters and get some sounds straight away. Saturn or Trash makes it easy to distort bands but you can do this with routing and linear phase EQing. Some of the free synths and VSTs have nice tones but don't let you change stuff for example the FM amounts which is like wavetables on serum so to get around this you can record several notes at different FM% or shapes and crossfade or chop between them with nice declicking edits but that is not the point.

make a long square wave note and then EQ some very narrow resonant peaks in it to correspond with the key of your song. you can find the specific frequencies of notes online but remember they changed middle C to 440hz to deceive people and put them off kilter. Bounce this note then double it up and LP one so you have unaffected low end and HP the other at like 350hz for the mid highs then add a layer of white noise but keep this low vol but it will work nicely with the distortion and reverb you put on later. Then multiband compress to get nice levels then bounce.

Then add reverb and automated notch filters and then distort lots (small amounts on several different instances of different distortions or exciters or desks and amps) and lots so the reverb on the resonance peaks and white noise is messed up. Heavily distorting small bursts of quick delay can work as well. THen multiband compress the bass back together and this flattens the reverbed and distorted peaks you made just a little bit and bounce this note and then you do more processing for how you want it to sound in your tune like a pitch drop over 8 bars or a LP filter opening up or more distortion etc
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