1. Monogone

    Monogone - Tripped

    Hey, let me know how it sounds. What I have to change to improve this. I'm very curious. https://www.dropbox.com/s/1190qlvq7zrfrj3/Monogone%20-%20Tripped.wav?dl=0 Leave some feedback - it helps!
  2. mph dnb

    DnB Radio DnB Broadcast - 'Bassement' (18.06.2017) at 22:00

    Hi DnB People, I'm really happy that I can inform you that next Sunday (18.06.2017) at 22:00 (10pm) in my town (Lublin, Poland) will be played 2 hours Radio DnB Broadcast where you can find some of my newest tunes and some more good stuff from Bassment! If u are in city, u can hear it by...
  3. Paticzak

    Dnb Family Help!

    I made it to the final round of #projektklub contest. If I win I will have a chance to throw a decent dnb/jungle party sponsored by Ballantine’s. The leading theme would be a city jungle. In Poland there is lack of events in this field so it’s a superb opportunity to promote dnb movement in my...
  4. H

    Destiny's Child - Survivor (Hansollo Remix)

    Destiny and bass Saulte
  5. Flutterpride

    Maybe I'm new here, but I'm not new at DnB.

    Hi. My name's Kacper and I'm 20 years old D'n'B producer from Poland. I listen to various styles of Drum and Bass what makes my every song sound different than other. Here's my actuall stuff, that shows perfectly my style: Bass Antics VIP Children Remix
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