live drum and bass

  1. Optimal Prime

    Optimal Prime Live @ Rok Box Orange Fridays Seismic Theory Takeover 30-11-18 Night

    Here's a new set from us playing on the Seismic Theory launch night just a few weeks ago in Wigan. It's essentially a journey through 22 of our own productions over the years and the first time we've actually done this. The set is hosted by MC Longman. Tracklist 1. Optimal Prime - Call the...
  2. Gerbil

    DnB Cause4Concern - live in Torquay - 21.04.2018

    Hi, everyone we have been working really hard for the past 4 months to bring this event to you. If you live local or fancy a small bit of travelling Cause4Concern is coming to the Bay. Not only can you take in the wonderful scenery that is all around Torquay and surrounding area's you can finish...
  3. lawrencewalters

    Facebook Live Stream - Audio

    Hi guys, I have been trying to get a good quality facebook live stream with audio from the mixer. I have a Rode SC4 running off an iPhone 5c but cannot get the iPhone to stop using the internal microphone even when the linein cable is plugged in. Has anyone had any experience of successful...
  4. JBrennand99

    Lancashire, 'Vinyl Event' anyone?

    If you're from Lancs or close by & fancy a night of strictly vinyl DnB & Jungle then there's an event coming up in April you will not want to miss, featuring Manchester's Jungle Syndicate Fraction & Liverpool's 100th Monkey crew: For info visit...
  5. rhadelman

    Orchestral Drum and bass- Goldie/ Dianne Charlemagne

    Thought I'd share this with you as it's quite different and reworks a classic. It's Goldie's epic Inner City Life reworked live by an orchestra with the original singer Dianne Charlemagne 20 years on. And it's a free download :)...
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