Optimal Prime Live @ Rok Box Orange Fridays Seismic Theory Takeover 30-11-18 Night

Optimal Prime

Specialising in the arts and crafts of Drum & Bass
Apr 4, 2013
Manchester, United Kingdom, United Kingdom
Here's a new set from us playing on the Seismic Theory launch night just a few weeks ago in Wigan. It's essentially a journey through 22 of our own productions over the years and the first time we've actually done this. The set is hosted by MC Longman.


1. Optimal Prime - Call the Silence (Original Instrumental)
2. Optimal Prime - Feels Like Breathing (feat. Casper Mason)
3. Optima Prime - Deadly Concerto
4. Optimal Prime - Drift By
5. Optimal Prime - Rebirth
6. Optimal Prime - For the Skankers
7. Optimal Prime - Do it for Me
8. Optimal Prime - Drum and Bass Addict (feat. Jason X)
9. Optimal Prime - Noveria [Red Alfa Records]
10. Optimal Prime - Waiting in the Darkness
11. Optimal Prime - Yago Dawn
12. Black Sun Empire & Noisia - Hideous (Optimal Prime Remix)
13. Optimal Prime - Untitled [Seismic Theory Forthcoming]
14. Optimal Prime - Escape Plan [Seismic Theory]
15. Optimal Prime - Temptress
16. Optimal Prime & Mavamatics - Hypnosis feat. Mc Longman [Seismic Theory]
17. Optimal Prime - Infection [Higher Level Industried]
18. Optimal Prime - Chime Era [Red Alfa]
19. Optimal Prime - Clarity
20. Optimal Prime - Moonlight
21. All things Lost - Nothin' (Optimal Prime Remix)
22. Optimal Prime & Mavamatics - Mankind Divided feat. MC Longman) [Seismic Theory Forthcoming]


1hr 30mins 04secs
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