1. InReach

    Dirt, Soul & Dr Meaker Interview - In-Reach Mag

    Thursday night around 6pm, I arrive soaked through at the entrance of IKEA. I make my way inside and check my phone to see if I’ve had a response from Clive. ‘I’m in the food court’ I send, eagerly scanning the faces of tired shoppers scramming down their meatballs, trying to spot a sign of my...
  2. PRTCL

    A few cuts from my forthcoming DSCI4 EP

    Hi Forum crew, Here are a few cut coming on my forthcoming DSCI4 EP, I hope you enjoy: Nice one, Joe

    Drum & Bass MYSTIC STATE - Album Launch X Addictive Xmas Party "Promo Mix" - 22nd Dec @ BAR 512

    As 2017 comes to a close Addictive Behaviour are getting in the festive spirit with a Xmas Party like no other. Bringing with us a full on Addictive lineup to celebrate the launch of an extra special collab album from Mystic State as well as flying in Wingz for his first UK appearance. We’re...
  4. eastformsdnb

    Drum & Bass Feedback Soulful Birthday Episode by Technolog // EAST FORMS Drum&Bass

    Mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/eastformsdnb/feedback-soulful-birthday-episode-by-technolog-east-forms-drumbass/ HearThisAt https://hearthis.at/eastformsdnb/feedback-soulful-birthday-by-technolog/ Telegram https://t.me/eastformsdnb Warm and soulful session by Technolog inviting you to...
  5. eastformsdnb

    Drum & Bass Bilson Flewit Promo Mix // EAST FORMS Drum&Bass

    Mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/eastformsdnb/bilson-flewit-promo-mix-east-forms-drumbass/ HeatThisAt https://hearthis.at/eastformsdnb/bilson-flewit-promo/ Telegram https://t.me/eastformsdnb Bilson Flewit Promo Mix // EAST FORMS Drum&Bass, tune in via HearThisAt, MixCloud, iTunes, TuneIn...
  6. Polymer

    Drum & Bass Polymer - THUMP! (WIP)

    Edited 21/12/2017 - Latest Version Here: Last round of feedback before I say this is done i think. Apart from the sub being panned left for some reason, anything sticking out that needs changing? Original Post: Feedback on the overall mix would be great. (This is pre-master) The...
  7. Leniz

    Drum & Bass Leniz - Encouragement/Peace of mind [FREE]

    Hey guys! 2 tunes available for free download on Soul Lab Kinda outdated but still worth releasing! Enjoy :)
  8. eastformsdnb

    Drum & Bass Back To The Techstep Episode 04 by Operator // EAST FORMS Drum&Bass

    Mixcloud HearThisAt https://hearthis.at/eastformsdnb/backtothetechstep04/ Telegram https://t.me/eastformsdnb A Drum & Bass journey that's going through time to the roots - Back To The Techstep Part 04 by Operator, tune in via HearThisAt, MixCloud, iTunes, TuneIn & more Tracklist: Kemal -...
  9. C

    Drum & bass in Scandinavia?

    Hey guys, I'm originally from the UK, but now living in Denmark. DnB, as far as I can see, is not well known over here, so I'm just curious if there's anyone out there from somewhere else in Denmark, or Scandinavia? The few of us that I have met are trying to get together to arrange a DnB...
  10. Nick-ep

    Nick EP @ Rude FM 25/11/17

    Last weekend's show on Rude FM now up online for playback. Full TL below Composite - New Mind (Context Audio) Dead Mans Chest - Hang Man Posse (Western Lore) Total Science - What I Need (CIA) Edlan - Notice (Fokuz) Madcap - Joy (Smooth & Groove) Random Movement & Jaybee - Twice The Power...
  11. eastformsdnb

    Drum & Bass Archaic Beats Show Episode 04 by Sepungski // EAST FORMS Drum&Bass

    Mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/eastformsdnb/archaic-beats-show-episode-04-by-sepungski-east-forms-drumbass/ HearThisAt https://hearthis.at/eastformsdnb/archaic-beats-show-04/ Telegram https://t.me/eastformsdnb Journey through time from modern sound experiments to classic rhythms -...
  12. K

    Just Mayhem - 20 Years of Just Mayhem (Insane Ambition Recordings)

    We are pleased to introduce '20 Years of Just Mayhem' from Just Mayhem. 20 years of a talentued DNB producer!! Old school, new school!! Huge track are included! see you on the 27.11.2017! #GuessWhosBack Tracklist: 1. 20 Feat. MDF & Dazza 2. Rubber 3. Alter Ego 4. Loose Feat. MCF 5. Comet Girl...
  13. Intense Records


    With the arrival of Cyber Mondays comes more savings! Today only - save 30% off your CD and Vinyl purchases INCLUDING Friday Releases with the code CYBER30! As well as that, you can save 10% off all equipment purchases with the code CYBER10! *This offer ends at 23:59 on 27/11/17 - does not...
  14. B

    Drum & Bass BRAND NEW DATA 3

    ***BRAND NEW ADDICTIVE BEATZ*** Fossil & Canyons Dreams by Data 3 are now available worldwide from all the usual stores! Congratulationsto the trio on delivering another slice of top drawer production to the world. Get your copy here: smartURL.it/ABREC24
  15. Ekselon

    Drum & Bass Let 'em smoke

    Hi guys, I'm Seba from Belgium. Made this track with ableton+serum and samples from Big L. Comments, thoughts, critique is welcome!! Thanks!
  16. sylabg

    Drum & Bass badz

    im only with headphones...sorry
  17. dustaudio

    Drum & Bass Slider & Expose - Dustcast 003 | Lots of forthcoming music

    Slider & Expose present 003 of the Dustcast An hour plus of music from Dust Audio, and lots of forthcoming music we are currently feeling. No Talking, just rollin' Music from the likes of: Friske, Digital, Hannah Eve, Jazzatron, Slider & Expose, Clima, Kiril, Ahmad, Spirit, Black Barrel...