Zuggi- Seedy Sonics Competition Entry


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I know Nuera is on this and to be honest, It already seems pretty pointless entering the comp when I know I'm going up against the beast of a mix that he's put together, BUT that being said I guess you've got to be in it to win it, so fuck it, My entry;

I figured I'd put everything I've got into this one, three decks, plenty of tunes and constant quick time mixes to make sure that everyone is constantly moving.

My needle gave me a bit of grief during the 'Niton' remix (All comes part and part with mixing Vinyl I guess lol) but other than that the levels are tight, the bass is big and tunes are bangers, Please please please, Comment, Like and Spread the mix to as many people as possible, it would be absolutely quality to play at a Seedy Sonic night.


1. Matrix & Futurebound- Universal Truth
>>> Sub Focus- Deep Space
>>> Break- Isis
2. Culture Shock- Troglodyte
>>> Sub Focus- Stomp
3. Ed Rush & Optical- Chubrub
4. Optiv & BTK- Kingpin
5. Fresh- The Power (Andy C Remix)
>>> Drumsound & Simon Bassline Smith- Can You Feel It
6. Friction- Stand Up
7. Loadstar- Link to the Past
8. Wickaman, RV & Hoodlum- One Scratch
>>> Origin Unknown- Lunar Bass (Commix Remix)
9. Chase & Status Ft. Sub Focus- Flashing Lights (S.P.Y remix)
10. Kove- Iodine
11. Eric Pridz- Niton (The Reason) (Sigma Remix)
>>> Ed Rush & Optical- Bacteria (Pendulum Remix)
12. Drumsound & Simon Bassline Smith- Close
>>> Fresh- All that Jazz
13. Delta Heavy- Space Time
>>> Loadstar- Bomber
>>> D-Bridge & Maldini- True Romance

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Feedback and Comments are always welcome!


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Shame you didnt enter earlier cos this is a banging mix mate! seriously big intro, love the switch up when universal truth comes back in! then into isis is massive. a lot of classic tunes in there that i aint heard in a while! And props for using vinyl too. i always appreciate work done by another vinyl head! some tunes a bit poppy / synthy and bassy for my taste but overall its a big big mix!


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Yeah theres a couple bits in there I'd probably normally avoid ('Stand Up' and 'Stomp' I very rarely draw for) but Seedy sonics seems to be a bit of multi genre night, so I didn't want to alienate the people who'd be listening to this with too much of darker sound.

Glad you're feeling the into, always wanted to put 'Universal Truth' in a mix but never quite found a place for it up until this one.

Seem to be getting heaps of plays considering its been up for a week, very happy with the overall reponse if im being honest :D