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    Mar 11, 2004
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    Kent, England
    Yo I'm DJ Lordward (Greg Ward) a bedroom DJ thats played out a few times & hoping 2 get a regular set at a local club. Big up MC ALiX D for sorting this out.
    I'm 17 & I've been DJing for about 4 years after going on a DJing course. Only managed 2 get my own dex last year tho & lookin 4 sum 1210s right now.

    My mixin style is best described as intense. Theres lotsa double dropping & teasing. My trademark at the mo is teasin/(double dropping if possible) wit 2 tunes over the intro track (but not at the same time lol)

    I used to be just into dark stuff but now I'm into anything that I'm feelin. Still like dark stuff & jump up. I'm not really into all this likwid stuff.