Yo I'm back, formerly JimJapBap (sort of)

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    I think i need to reintroduce myself again. Up until the month of may i used to post on here a lot under the name JimJapBap, some of you might even remember the dj competition i failed to get rolling, BUT I CAN EXPLAIN! I stopped my interenet connection because I didn't need it (and honestly couldn't afford it) over the summer. So school ended for me, my rent was up, and i go back home to live with the parents out in the middle of nowhere with no internet connection. Heh so there went all that effort of trying to get a dj competition for this forum organized. Now I've got the internet and my own place again, I'm back in school doing ass-loads of work. I try to mix and go to some club-events when i can here on the east coast of the states, but thanks to the university i usually barely have enough time to check out all the new tunes the dons are putting out (gotta stay educated, ya know).

    As for the new name i felt it was due since i didn't create the JimJapBap account in the first place. It was a friend of mines that i kind of inherited i guess. His name was James and he was part Japanese, dunno what Bap meant (black american princess?). See a few years ago i was fed up with the whole internet scene at the time (gotta love DOA :weirdo: :cry: :fuckjoo: and slsk chat rooms:hagglers:) so i wanted to try and be "too cool for school" and "protest" by not creating a name on any forum. My friend on the other hand would do the whole forum thing and came here often and i thought everyone here was actually pretty cool so i started using his name every once in a while (but not creating my own name mind you cause i was still in my stupid little "protest"). Anyways I posted on here more than my friend did (he stopped using it all together by "05 i think), he said he got fed up with all the people he encountered on the internet anyways, but he was probably being an asshole himself. Now he doesn't listen to jungle or the like anymore, and would much rather spend his money on blow than anything else. Wish that wasn't the case, but hey life moves on right? Anyways I see a lot of new faces and a few of the older ones :2thumbs: and I'll try and i'll have some mixes of mine to contribute soon as well.

    One more thing for the record: when JimJapBap would praise Mr. Jim Heist to no end, that was me. CAUSE HEIST IS A F'CKIN BADMAN!
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    BumbleBeeTuna it is then !

    welcome back