Drum & Bass XYRDNBS005 - Breeze Block - Too Late Ft. Skyro - Out 07.11.2011 - Pre Order on iTunes


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XYRDNBS005 - Breeze Block - Too Late Ft. Skyro / In Good Time - New Drum and Bass out 07.11.2011 - Pre Order's now available on iTunes

Pre order onBreeze Block Drum and Bass on iTunes Today

new drum and bass on xyrecords are proud to announce Breeze Block drum and bass's follow up to his debut release.

Hot on the heels of Breeze Block’s debut releaseBreeze Block - Fusion, “Too Late Feat Skyro” cements Breeze Block’s skill as a drum and bass producer

Breeze Block has hooked up with fellow producer/musician Skyro to craft “Too Late”. A melancholic guitar slowly slips along with a melodic piano part subtly building and then boom in it comes. A big sidechained hook, unrelenting beats, pianos and a simple female vocal hook give Too Late’s menacing drive a lighter faster edge, whilst slyly impassioning the listener. Deceptively addictive drum and bass from Breeze Block and Skyro.

On the flipside “In Good Time” is a quality Drum and bass dance floor roller with a haunting vocal which repeats the mantra of ‘wasting time’, experiencing this roller is anything but that. With a ghostly off-beat synth stab, lush Drum and Bass soundscapes, a tumbling melody and perfectly placed bass lines, plus some interesting background instrumentals whilst maintaining a fast pace. In Good Time is sure to keep everyone moving no matter what.

“Too Late Feat Skyro” will be available digitally from all good stores on the 7th November 2011.

Pre order onBreeze Block Drum and Bass on iTunes Today



Pre order onBreeze Block Drum and Bass on iTunes Today