WWW.ROBOMERCENARY.CO.UK LIVE DnB Sunday Sessions Dj's Dracz ,Rogue ,Daz, Ballistic.

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    Robo Mercenary Radio - DnB Sunday Sessions​

    www.robomercenary.co.uk - The Sunday Sessions DnB Live Dj's Include this weekend

    Dj Dracz ( Origin / Bass Invaderz ) - DnB
    Dj Rogue ( Origin / Back to The Future ) - DnB
    Dj Daz ( RudeFM / Robo Mercenary ) DnB
    Dj Ballistic ( Robo Mercenary ) DnB
    Dj Dubrass ( Robo Mercenary ) Dubstep.

    A New Breed of Broadcasting, promoting the finest street talent nationwide and internationally. Check back regularly to see the latest dj's / Underground artists playing on Robo Mercenary Radio.

    Get locked in from 15.00 GMT for live DnB Sessions.


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