WWW.PROTOKOLRADIO.COM - Knowledge's Internet Radio of the MONTH!!


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Hi all,

www.protokolradio.com is here - playing live drum n bass 24/7. If you log on you will see a whole host of features inc:

Daily Updated News articles
WS:: Records top 10 - updated weekly
Interviews with up and coming artists

We have a whole load of new things added each week so keep your eye out!

Featuring artists such as:

Madsta + MC Slinna - 9-10 on a Weds Night (Live from HQ)

Darren P - 8-10 monthly on a Monday night

Nameless (Ft a special guest each time) - 8-10 monthly on a Thursday.

RV - 8-10 Monthly on a Thursday evening.

Caution - 10-12 on a Friday (Live from Canada)

DJFNZ_! - 2-4 on a Saturday afternoon

Chemical Connection 12-2 on a Thusday morning or Wednesday night - which ever way u wanna say it!!!)

And a whole host more - check the schedule on teh site for full details!!

We have successfully launched our podcast series 3 weeks ago and have had 3 quality mixes to put up on iTunes for people to hear - you can subscribe to PROTOKast! on the website by clicking the link.

Also - some amazing news for PROTOKOLradio - we have had a very cool feature in May's Knowledge (the one with Pendulum on the front) as the internet radio station of the month!! So go grab a copy and check us out on page 16!!

So all - thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing u on the site! Get in the chat and on the forum and make yourself known!

Big ups people!