Through the Loop
I started mixing a few weeks ago, and seriously, it took me over a week to get anything in time. 2 Days ago i got a double drop with 2 tunes my bro showed me, which gave me a huge buzz. But tonight, i dont know WTF has gotten into me, but i wacked Pendulum - Tarantula and Total Science - Nosher (Baron Remix) on and i mixed tonnes of different tunes for about 2 hours, literally not fecking up at all. Im on such a huge high, as stupid as it sounds, but a week ago i couldnt even mix, and now im not messing up at all... can't wait to get my own decks

Gonna post up a mix soon and see how you guys rate me

It will include

Pendulum - Vault + Tarantula
Noisia - Bad Dreams + Facade
Total Science - Nosher (Baron Remix)
DJ Zinc - Stepping Stones
Twisted Individual - Bollock Yoghurt + Swan Cake
Benny Page - Turn the lights Down (Just won on ebay)

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