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The Cereal Killaz is Washington, DC area breakbeat/drum n bass act created in 2005, headed up by the mastermind producer, songwriter, & multi instrumentalist - [zarbizarre]. With elements of Nu Metal, Florida and UK Breaks, Drum n Bass, Industrial and Indie Rock, the sound can be described as hard hitting, with gut wrenching bass, heavy hitting drums, and nasty distorted synths and guitars that make you want to chew your face off.

The act has performed at events all over the US and Europe, with several heavy hitters in the electronic music scene, including: Deekline, Ctrl+Z, Aut0b0ts, Noisia, Baobinga, Mephisto Odyssey, Breakfastaz, Hyper, Dynamix II, Frankie Bones, Keoki, Dopamine, Krafty Kuts, Scott Henry, The Rogue Element, Annalyze, Reid Speed, Simply Jeff, Baby Anne and many more, and has been the only American act to perform at the Breakspoll International Breakbeat Awards, held at the superclub, Fabric, in London, UK (Feb 2007).

“... conceptually apart from the average nu skool ... innovative breakbeat ...” - Mike Hogan, owner of Breakspoll - from review of the single, “Reality”
“Disturbing, in a good way.

” - Carl Loben, DJ MAG, May 2006

As a DJ act, Cereal Killaz / [zarbizarre] is one of the few breakbeat DJ's who practices harmonic mixing - the technique of mixing different keys artistically, instead of randomly, in order to create musical blends rather than bland or sour mixes.


GEIN, appropriately named after the Plainfield Wisconsin pyscho Edward. Gein, consists of The Butcher (formerly of Defiant), Abel and Saint (founder of Habit Recordings). Formed in early 2004, the crew linked up when Butcher moved from Los Angeles to Milwaukee, joining Saint and Abel to create one of the most twisted group of producers out there today.

GEIN's sound can have a variety of "labels", but BRUTAL comes to mind when most come to describe the demented beats that are forged in the lab.

Coming off a scorching 2007, GEIN is set to take things ten steps further in 2008. With an E.P. for Moving Shadow (Street Sweeper EP), a few 12"'s released by the likes of Habit, Guerilla, Tech Itch, Penatration, Freak and quite a few more in the bag, GEIN's forthcoming material is raising eyebrows across the board. Some current forthcoming projects include a brand new record label, a ton of solo projects, remixes, and collaborations with artists such as Current Value, Mayhem, Evol Intent, Counterstrike, Donny, Audio, The Sect and more that have been causing a ruckus around the world. Look out for the Gein - Clergy E.P.

forthcoming on Guerilla Records featuring Counterstrike, Donny, and Current Value!!

Watch out for GEIN in 2008 and beyond.

With support from the likes of heavyweights Tech Itch, Dieselboy, Evol Intent, Ewun, Breaker, SPL, Counterstrike, Limewax and more, these three will surely be a strong presence in drum n bass for a long time, and will be coming to kill dance floors and blow up speakers near you!!!!!!


Federico Agreda aka Zardonic is a controversial electronic -mainly drum & bass- music producer, born in October 22nd, 1985, and "one of the standards of Drum & Bass in Venezuela and one of the highest electronic talents in Barquisimeto city", according to the latin american webzine Flayers. By far, he is considered the most active and skilled drum & bass producer in the country.

In words of Lewis Davidson, owner of Technorganic Recordings, "This Venezuelan artist, fresh off the successful tune placement of “Moonlight Ceremony” as featured in AK1200's strongest DJ mix to date, is showing how his varied background, environmental location and unique production styles are quite possibly the secret recipe for DNB perfection". His sound is often defined by latin rhythms and sounds, industrial drumkits, rock / metal basslines, and high energy beats, embraced by an euphoric attitude during his live sets, that has allowed him to communicate such energy directly to the crowd, and driven to different forms of Darkstep, Mellow, Technoid or Experimental Drum & Bass.

With eight years of experience in producing and support from Dieselboy, John B, AK1200, Pendulum, The DJ Producer, Submerged, Mumblz, Counterstrike, Basic Operations, Identity, and many more artists, Zardonic has been able to get signed to several labels worldwide, such as Ohm Resistance, Technorganic, Mindsaw, Dark Asylum, Future Sickness, Foulplay, Suicide Dub, and so on. He is also the owner of Zardonic Recordings, a free drum & bass net label that has managed to release the highest quality beats ever released on free net labels.

And many more TBA