Wonka Beats Mix...:)


Oct 21, 2008
alpen west
wonka the traveller.

Aquastep - Carrousel
Jambo !* - Another Day
Serendipity - Do You Feel Me
Traveller, The (2) - Father & Son-Shine
Jambo !* - Drumattack
KC Flightt - Voices (Wonka Remix)
Traveller, The (2) - Just Me (Vocal)
Astrospider - Ritmista!
Astrospider vs. Kelvin - Viva
Traveller, The (2) - The Traveller Tribal Journey
Traveller, The (2) - Date M (Live Mix)
Magma (2) - Relax-In
Astrospider vs. Kelvin - Sec Groove
Traveller, The (2) - Sudden Impact
Aquastep - The Flower
Aquastep - The Flower (Astrospidered)
Astrospider - Rave Odyssey 2001
Traveller, The (2) - Lip's Endless Loops (Live At Dawn)
Clean - Ritmixta
Club Genius - Club Genius Far Out
DJ Creator (5) - Kiss Me
Clean - I'm Gonna Make You Feel Allright
Astrospider vs. Kelvin - U 238
Jambo! - Transglobal Obsession
Astrospider - Don't Be Afraid (The Psykik Vitamin)
Cue - Moet Ie Mee
Aquastep - Oempa-Loempa (Vocal)
Aquastep - Oempa-Loempa (Instrumental)
Aquastep - Oempa Loempa (Travelling At Full Moon Remix)
Ralphie Dee - Till The Clouds Roll By
Kelvin - Highway Del Sol
Kelvin - Highway Del Sol (Operetta Rmx)
Smooth And Simmons* - Hooked (Astrospidered)
Sebastien Kalonji & Kelvin Smits - Relax-In
Jambo! - L'Echo L'Echo
Aquastep - Carrousel (Remix)
Ralphie Dee - Oempa - Loempa (Ralphie Dee Remix)
Kelvin - Night And Day
Sebastien Kalonji & Kelvin Smits - Mind Movies

148 minutes mp3.



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Mar 4, 2002
This one has been on my Ipod for MONTHS!

This track kicks my ass each and every time:

Clean - I'm Gonna Make You Feel Allright

Not forgetting to mention this one as well:

Aquastep - Oempa Loempa (Travelling At Full Moon Remix)

And this one I didn't even know was a Wonka Beat, I thought it was New Jersey house as I always heard Tony Humphries play it on the radio:

KC Flightt - Voices (Wonka Remix)

Ruff tuff and Wicked stuff!!!
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